Getting closer…

I was not going to post this writing.  I was going to erase it because it is not as relevant as it was at the time.  At the time I was caught up in the romance, in the story.  However a lot has changed since July and while the man in this piece is still in my life, he is moving away soon and no longer will play a part in it.  However, I want you my readers to get the real me, to get the me that I was in July when I wrote this piece…

July 8th 

Dating and Babies  

A few weeks ago I reconnected with an old friend – it has gotten romantic, at times, but for the most part we are keeping things fairly simple.  You see he is a father, he is an inspiring artist/photographer whose sole (soul) focus is improving his life for his daughter and he is not interested in a relationship at this point in his life.  

You may be thinking, Nicole back away – run if you have to.  But you see, I want a child of my own.  I want a baby so badly my heart breaks when I think of not having one.  This could be win-win.  I could enjoy my spare time with the artist and still be able to focus on the Artificial Insemination (AI) and my health.  

So I’m not running away.  I find him incredibly sexy in every way, his mind, body and soul, but I am keeping him at a distance in order to be careful that my heart stays strong and focused.  

He may run away screaming when he finds out my plan – who knows.  I hope not.  I hope he supports me and encourages me, but truth is, I don’t know him well enough to really know how he will react. 

Either way – it’s me time.  Time for me to do what I know in my heart and my head what is right! 




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