First Ultrasound to make sure all is good – down there…

Friday morning I woke up not feeling well – go figure because this was the day I had to give blood and complete an external and internal ultrasound.  Ladies, you know what that means – water and lots of it.  I was barely able to keep anything down as it was, now I had to drink enough water to float my organs…awesome! 

Of course by the time I got there, signed in and figured out everything I had to do, the water hadn’t been enough.  You know, four glasses of water and a large tea later my bladder wasn’t full enough.  She asked if I was dehydrated and since I spent half the night hugging my toilet I would say yes, yes I am dehydrated.  She told me to give blood first and come back.

The blood lady took 20 minutes so by the time I got back to ultrasound I was pretty sure my body was trying to poison me from the inside out. BUT she could do the ultrasound – awesome!

I have had ultrasounds before so I know that the gel they slide all over you is cold and maybe it’s because I was already not feeling the greatest, but as soon as that gel hit my stomach I was pretty sure I would vomit again.  Thankfully I did not and both ultrasounds were completed with minimal discomfort (of course I pee’d about 10 times in the next 20 minutes).

I got my results from Dr. G. my physician at Next Steps and everything seems good so far!  I have a Sonohysterogram today at 1:20 which is supposedly very uncomfortable (because everything else has been a piece of cake) but at least my bladder can be empty!!!!  The Sono is to make sure my tubes are clear and that I produce eggs (I think)…considering the insane cramping I get on my period I am assuming that is the egg ripping its way through my body so I am expecting a good result!

The one thing that confused me is Dr. G told me I should find a donor that is CMV negative.  I am CMV negative and I have no idea what that means, so of course I turn to google.  According to one website:

Cytomegalovirus (CMV), is a common, flu-like virus that most people encounter at some point during their lifetime. Although CMV comes from the same virus family as chickenpox, mononucleosis and herpes, it is usually harmless, and most people don’t even realize they’ve been exposed to it. In the U.S., between 50-85% of adults will contract CMV by the time they reach the age of 40.

However, CMV can be dangerous to individuals with weakened immune systems, newborns and people undergoing organ transplants. For these individuals, having a blood donor who is CMV- (someone who has never been exposed to cytomegalovirus) is very important!

Ahhhh…okay I still don’t get it, but sure…find a donor who meets my exceedingly high expectations AND be CMV negative.  This should be interesting.  I am going to start looking for a donor in the next couple of days with one of my girlfriends and I promise to keep you all posted. 

Wish me luck with the Sono today, sounds like I’ll need it. 




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