I’m GORGEOUS darling

Yesterday, if you remember, I had the dreaded Sono.  I was terrified, I won’t even lie or try to play it off…

As I was lying on the table – feet fully in the stirrups, I tried desperately to relax and calm down, but I have a fear of the unknown.  Well let me tell you – it was as bad as I assumed it would be…not in the same way though.  I assumed it would hurt, actual pain ripping through my body…but no, it was the pressure…intense pressure that made me so uncomfortable if it wasn’t for the fact I want this baby as much as I need food and water to survive, I would have high tailed it out of there. 

But then Dr G. said something I wasn’t expecting – at all.  She gasped and said “your tubes are GORGEOUS”!  Gorgeous?  Really?  I actually laughed out loud.  I mean is that even possible???  I have never been called gorgeous – ever – pretty, cute, beautiful at times, but gorgeous (okay I know these are my insides, but hey I take a compliment where I can get it!)?

Everything looks good…blood work, external, internal, sono…YAY!  Now it’s time to choose a donor…who do I choose?  How do I choose?  I can’t just think about what I would want…I need to think about what my future son or daughter would want too…this is getting complicated…




2 thoughts on “I’m GORGEOUS darling

  1. Wonderful news, but I could have told you that you were gorgeous inside and out! You better get used to stirrups, pressure, etc. etc. etc. if you are going to have this child who will be sooooooooooooooo lucky to have you as a parent.

    • See my friend said the sono is nothing compared to labour – but labour there are drugs…lots of lovely drugs! LOL…no I know, I think I was surprised is all, what a bad feeling!

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