What a girl wants…

What a person chooses in a prospective partner can change throughout their life.  Tall, short, athletic, stocky, blond, brunette and don’t even get me started on the interests!  When I was in high school I chose the cute, athletic, sweet boys who were actually REALLY bad for me.  As I have grown, I realize I like a tall man, athletic, but not jock, loving ,but not girly…I like a mans man.  However NONE of these qualities really matter in a sperm donor, do they?

Today my girlfriend is coming over and we are going to narrow down sperm donors.  I need to figure out what I want, what I need in a donor!!  I know tall, for sure over 6 feet.  I am 5’2, 5’3 if I stand up super straight and the stars are aligned.  However I am also well aware that even if I choose a man who is tall, my poor kid may end up short.  As a future mother I want to give them a fighting chance at some height.  Besides, I am praying that when they are teenagers they can reach the top shelf of the cupboards for me.  FINGERS CROSSED!

As far as hair colour, eye colour etc is concerned, I would say dark brown, I guess?  My friend said go blonde and blue-eyed, but I would love my kid to look as much like me as possible so brown and brown – I think?  SO MANY CHOICES!

As far as religion, interests, education…I don’t know…I know for sure I want them to be Educated (University or College is fine), but everything else I will have to see as I go I guess.  I can’t wait to tell you all about the amazing man I have chosen!  Lunch time can’t come fast enough!!!




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