Oops, the troubles of being a mom…to a dog.

When I first decided to take ownership of Simba, my friends and family told me it would be great experience for my pending motherhood.
This weekend was especially true of this.  On Saturday I went to one of my favourite friends wedding and it was beautiful.  I loved watching her smile and tear up as she married her best friend.  I didn’t stay long at the reception because my date (a friend) had to work and I had left Simba at home in the care of my friends Matt and Dawn who were working on the basement.  Simba was spoiled rotten, he went on two massive walks and I was excited to come home to an exhausted puppy!  

As I come inside my back door (I’m still living in the basement despite living alone), there is a small landing, covered with boots, a swiffer, Simbas leash and poop bags.  There wasn’t a lot of space to get in and of course Simba was going ape shit crazy cause I was home (so sweet right?!) 

Unfortunately that’s when it happened, like a child, he got under my feet and I was wearing three-inch heels.  My heel came right down on his poor little back paw and the whimpering I heard was gut wrenching.  He seemed okay though, I checked and there was no blood and he didn’t growl or bark in pain when I touched it.  I didn’t think much of it as I crawled into bed exhausted only to realize Simba wasn’t beside me snuggled in my nook.  

I looked down and there was this sad little face.  I patted the bed for him to jump up and he couldn’t.  My poor dog couldn’t use his back foot to push-off of because I, being the mean mommy I am stepped on his little paw.  I lifted him up, snuggled him and cuddled him and I thought we were good for the night…until about 20 minutes later – he jumped down.  

8 hours later Simba had jumped down about 8 times.  He played in his little corner with the blankets, he napped on the floor and he went into the hallway to pee on the pee pad.  Of course every time he jumped down, he whined to be brought back up.  By 6 am, I was going insane.  I was so tired.  I had to get up to walk him and get ready for my ultrasound anyway so on a beautiful, sunny Sunday I was up at 6:00 am, having not slept and about to be probed by the cold, sterile ultrasound weapon!  Oh and a full bladder of course, because I needed to be more uncomfortable than I already was. 

As I was driving to my appointment I realized – this is what my nights are going to be like when I have a baby.  Up every hour or two to feed or comfort a crying baby.  I just hope the baby and Simba can get on the same schedule 😉 

Last night I sharpened up, no way was I going to work this morning exhausted.  I have a lounge chair that is holding clothes, garbage, mail, cleaning supplies etc.  Basically it’s a mess.  I threw all that mess on the floor and moved my lounge chair right beside my bed.  Guess what??  My dog can climb up on that and then hop into bed!  


 A creative way to ensure my dog can get up and down when he wants to and I don’t have to be woken every hour. 

Now I am well aware this will NOT work with a baby, but I am getting my brain running and thinking…that’s what matters right??  No, okay maybe not…but I liked it and I got some sleep! 




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