Zumba Fitness and Pregnancy

About this time last year, my sister-in-law (Tammy) and I started this crazy exercise class called Zumba Fitness.  It was insane, intense, but so much fun!  Dancing is one form of exercise that both of us could get behind and really support and give our all.  

Our instructor (Diana) is a Zumba nut and I am not ashamed to admit I developed an immediate girl crush on her.  Don’t worry – I am pretty sure she knows…I compliment her ass on a regular basis and she knows I am straight (I think) and doesn’t seem to mind.  In fact since Tammy and I started weekly Zumba classes with her last year, I have had my mom, aunt, and three friends all join at different points with me because I find her to be that good at what she does.  

This past summer, Diana took a break and another woman taught the class.  It was good, but it wasn’t what I was used to.  I prefer Diana’s style and movements and last week she started her fall session.  

Last night I had my second Zumba class of the season.  I have got one of girlfriends Nancy to come with me.  It’s so much fun to do this class with your friends and I am happiest when I have her, Agnes and Tammy with me.  I keep thinking that when I get pregnant, I am going to need to continue exercising, but will I be able to do Zumba?  Will I be able to keep up with this class??  Will something happen to my baby, all snuggled up in my womb?  I am paranoid.  I don’t want to do anything that would hurt the baby and it’s not like my body is super used to the moves I do in Zumba. 

I have been doing Zumba off and on for a year, but I still feel the aches and pains after each class. My body still rejects the movements. I pop Advil or Anaprox to ease my sore muscles before I go to sleep so I don’t wake up broken the next day.  I am overweight and out of shape and as much as I love my weekly Zumba fix, I will not put this baby in harm’s way.  

Of course I will consult with my doctor and whoever my midwife is after I actually get the news that I am expecting!!!  I will consult with the professionals before doing anything really.  I can always modify the classes too of course.  I don’t have to go as hard as I try to go during the one hour Diana is non-stop moving.  I can also take more breaks; drink more water, even complete more dancing during the week so my body doesn’t go into shock when I attend the class.  

Exercise and eating right are two things that contribute to a healthy pregnancy, every woman and doctor will tell you that I am sure, but what if that’s not enough?  What if my body is toxic to my poor Koko bean??  I’m freaking out already and I’m not even pregnant.  I know many women worry about the same things; many women who worry have reason to.  I know I am jumping the gun…trust me, I am well aware…but until all my questions and concerns are answered I’ll always wonder – what if?? 





2 thoughts on “Zumba Fitness and Pregnancy

  1. Simmer down or you will drive yourself nuts! Cross one bridge at a time! What your little Koko Bean will need the most is a calm, serene Mommy – have you thought of Yoga?

    • I am actually supposed to start Yoga very soon – they have a class on Sundays in Pickering, but I have been busy the last couple of Sundays – so I am hoping the Sunday of Thanksgiving.

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