Children’s birthday parties

I am not pregnant – I am no where close to having a child of my own yet, let alone throwing a child’s birthday party, but having many surrogate nieces and nephews (plus three real ones) I have attended a lot of children’s birthday parties.

How fun right: 5-20 screaming kids ranging in ages and temperament, everyone trying to be the centre of attention while the parents stand against the walls, watching their kids go bat shit crazy.  Yep, a grand old-time.  Is this just how I see birthday party for children?? 

I am sure the doting parents feel completely different…I am sure they see their beautiful son or daughter smiling, surrounded by the their friends and play mates while the parents friends take pictures, tell stories and make sure everything comes together for that one special day we celebrate a child’s birth. 

On Sunday, I helped my friends Nancy and Travis celebrate their beautiful daughter who turned one year old!  I was fortunate enough to see this darling the day after she was born, in the hospital and have watched her grow ever since.  Having seen her this weekend it amazes me how quickly they develop and change.  She is walking and using hand gestures and trying to talk.  She, in a sense, is perfect.  I was honoured to be invited to her first party – and then I got to the party…  20 kids and 40 adults were invited – are you kidding me?!  For a one year old!!!???  Then I started thinking about my future child…what would I do for a birthday for them…a little something at my house?  A big party at a play place like Nancy and Travis did??  I have no idea!  I feel like everyone needs to be invited because it really does take a village to raise a child and everyone who comes in contact with Koko Bean should be at his/her party!  There is so much to think of…but really the most important thing is…



the cake…duh!

fondant fantasy!  YUMM

fondant fantasy! YUMM

This cake was delicious and oh so pretty!  Cakes are so spectacular now a days.  Gone are the supermarket specials…now it’s about going above and beyond!  I love it!  Mainly I love cake…YUMMM

While children’s birthday parties are not my most favourite thing in the world, children are.  My child will be…so sucking it up, spending a tonne of money and watching my one year smack her hand into a beautiful cake will be a Kodak moment I don’t want to miss – or lose out on. 




3 thoughts on “Children’s birthday parties

  1. Doesn’t sound like little Koko Bean will be the least bit spoiled, no not at all………… – and you will love every minute of it.

    • I know Nancy. I envy you! I don’t wanna do it. I’m pretty sure ill fail! Heyyyy you can throw it for me! Invite your friends too i like presents! Your friends bought wicked gifts. I loved all of them. Lol.

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