one week

It always amazes me how much can happen in one week.  A week ago today I went to my family doctor with a fever, body aches and a nose that wouldn’t stop running no matter how much I blew and blew into the mountain of tissues that were slowly filling up my garbage can.

Dr B’s diagnosis: influenza…which is fine she said because she can write me a prescription for antibiotics and Tamiflu.  I should feel better in a couple of days!  I was relieved, because living alone, in a basement, sick is about as miserable as you can imagine.   I told her I was excited because that week I would also be inseminated for the first time so I needed to be better quick!  She looked at me with disappointing eyes and threw my prescriptions in the trash.  No antibiotics or Tamiflu for women trying to become pregnant. 

I would have to suffer with Advil and Nyquil till the insemination and then talk to my fertility doctor for further instructions.  I drove home in tears knowing I would be feeling awful for a while.  All week I basically lied in bed, sweating and yelling at poor Simba to leave me alone while I chugged NyQuil more efficiently than I ever could chug a beer.

On Friday I got a call from my fertility clinic – my egg was ready to go and I would be inseminated the next day!  This was the call I had been waiting for, every time my phone rang I would jump hoping it was time.  However Friday I was miserable from being sick for five days and the last thing I felt like doing was waking up at 6:30 in the morning to have a strange mans sperm inseminated into me. 

I know that sounds awful, for 11 months now I have waited for this phone call and now I just wanted to crawl under the covers and die (well not literally).  I called my mom and she said she would come with me and I would pick her up bright and early to attend the “event”. 

Saturday morning I gave blood, signed a million documents and paid my final bill with First Steps.  I left to go pick up my mom while the sperm de-thawed.  After an ultrasound and some more waiting Dr G. was ready for me. 

Now I have seen The Back Up Plan.  That J-Lo movie where she is flipped upside down to let gravity do it’s thing while she is artificially inseminated.  I was a little nervous about becoming nauseous upside down, but when I got into the room there was just a doctors table with stirrups.  No chair, no fancy technology – all very medical and boring.  I was inseminated quicker then you could blink and was told to come back 10 days later for a blood pregnancy test. 

That’s it.

A whole minute of my day that I hope and pray will change the rest of my life!

I went home, threw some pillows under my hips and placed my feet up against my headboard.  I wasn’t taking anything to chance – I mean if J-Lo had to be inverted shouldn’t I??

I napped the rest of day until I had to go to my old roommate Brendan’s wedding and have slowly started feeling better every day since. 

Please everyone send great vibes towards my uterus…I need all the luck I can!




2 thoughts on “one week

  1. If vibes, prayers and love will help your uterus, I’m sending them all your way honey! I hope Koko Bean is firmly attached by now. xx00xx

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