Home Sweet Home – or is it??

I knew when my father passed away in July that I would not continue living in his house. His memory surrounds me every day, strangles my existence, makes it difficult to breathe.   I have talked about it extensively in the past, both here and on my previous site (www.nikilee30.wordpress.com) but last night I took action.  

My realtor (John) set up some appointments and we made the 20 minute drive out to Pickering to look a variety of homes.  We looked at condo town homes, freehold  town homes and large, single family homes.  I was so excited when we began this process that, even though I still felt ill, I wanted to do this.  I wanted an idea of what was out there in my price range, with my insanely high standards. 

Well – let me tell you, it ain’t much! 

The first home we looked at was a condo town home and that was the best of the bunch.  It was newer, clean, modern and had space galore!  It was almost too much space (four floors inc. the basement – really, as a mother…no).  I left there on a high. 

The second and third and fourth homes we looked at made me quickly lose my smile.  They were older, not so clean and nowhere near what I would consider “modern”.  The fifth home was alright – but FULLY carpeted.  I have a dog people; no way is my home being carpeted.  It was newly carpeted too – I was a bit shocked – carpet is so five years ago.  Why would they put new carpet in an entire home??  Bizarre.  

The last house was alright – nothing special, nothing great, nothing horrible.  I need to have at least some great things to say about a home before I even consider spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

All in all, it was a disappointment.  I know John will take care of me though.  He’s the best there is.  I have faith in him and his abilities and the market.  I will find a home, a home I love where Koko Bean, Simba and I will live happily ever after…where we will grow and learn and enjoy life together…sounds nice… 




One thought on “Home Sweet Home – or is it??

  1. Patience my dear, I am sure that all will eventually work out and you will find a home you will fall in love with – a lot of people look at 30, 40 even 50 and up before they buy.

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