It’s that time again

Sitting in the Second Cup – with zero phone connection, waiting for the time to be inseminated – is exhausting me emotionally. I want this, I want to be a mom and if possible I want to do that by becoming pregnant.

These early mornings, the drawing of blood, the internal ultrasounds…it will be worth it I know it will.

But after today I need to wait 10 days for that phone call. The phone call that will make me cry one way or another. That will lift me up or kick me while I already feel down.

So here I am waiting in the Second Cup wondering when finally something good will come out of this year. A Christmas song played in the background…tears welled up until I realized I was in a coffee shop surrounded by early morning commuters…and I started thinking of my dad. How he would talk me through this whole situation, support me and let me cry when I felt to tired to continue. God I miss him.

Time to go…thank you – truly – for reading.



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