The love of a child

A few years ago I met my angel. No, not a real angel, but I’m pretty sure God stepped in to introduce us.  You see I was playing baseball with my colleagues and it rained really hard so we went back to one of my colleague’s house to dry off and have some drinks and food and that’s where I met her.  She was a 2 and a half-year old little girl named Julia who was the daughter of my colleague and his wife. Today this colleague, (and his wife), are two of my closest friends and Julia is my god-daughter.  Yep we have all spent THAT much time together.  We were meant to be together from the first time we spent any time together and her parents knew it. 

Her laughter and her love have gotten me through some dark moments. 

She was there at my father’s funeral and she hugged me so tight that she kept all my broken pieces from completely falling apart.  She also has become a good detector of guys in my life – she hasn’t liked any of them!  In fact she used to cry when I picked her up with one of my ex’s, so much so that I had to stop bringing them around each other.  I should have known right then and there that this man was not going to be my man.  She has a keen instinct and I have learned to accept it.  Any future man will have to win not only mine and Koko’s heart – but Julia’s as well. 

This past weekend I got to spend almost the whole time with her.  I baby sat her Saturday afternoon/evening and we made cookies and ate Swiss Chalet and watched some great shows on Treehouse and Teletoon.  She is four years old now, almost five and while she is petite in stature, she is still huge in heart and spirit.  She is incredibly loving and I can only hope and pray my Koko Bean is equally as amazing as she is.  

I don’t know how Julia will feel once I am pregnant.  I have been preparing her.  Asking her “how cool would it be if Nicole got pregnant and had a baby“!  She seems to be excited about the possibility.  She loves this other baby another friend has and there has been zero jealousy between the two.  If anything Julia wants to have this other baby all to herself.  It would be amazing if Julia could be like a big sister to my Koko – he/she couldn’t get a better big sister.  

Julia’s parents haven’t had any other kids yet, so she is an only child – I hope they do have more kids in the future – at least one – Julia would love it! 

On Sunday I took her to a birthday party for another friends daughter.  The party was held at Chuck E Cheese – my FAVOURITE place to have a birthday party.  There is so much to do – kids always have fun and the food isn’t half bad!  I love the show – however when I was a kid (a million eons ago) the show was way better!  

Julia had a blast and even though she was the smallest kid at the party she won lots of tickets and tried everything!  She got a pink and a purple wand with her ticket winnings (of course) and I bought her a small Chuck E Cheese mouse!  She deserved it! 

I’m so grateful to her parents for letting Julia be a part of my life – and vice versa!  I am truly blessed!




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