I may be over-reacting

Funny Pregnancy Ecard: You’re going to be great at the staying off your feet and binge eating parts of pregnancy.

I am WELL known for exaggerating things beyond measure.  I make shit up likes it going out of style and I react quickly before contemplating what the reaction from others will be. 

Now this story isn’t that drastic and it affects NO ONE else so I have no problem telling you about my paranoid self.

I was inseminated on Friday – one week ago today.  On Wednesday of this week I went to my Zumba class and while bouncing and twisting and dancing like a nut, I looked over at Agnes and whispered (okay shouted) “if my egg was hatched by the sperm will all this moving break it or make it un-attach from the uterus wall??”  Agnes, laughed and looked at me like I was insane and patiently said no – once its planted, it’s planted. 

I didn’t really believe her.  I mean seriously – with all that moving, how can something as small, as tiny, as the egg, stay all safe and secure in my body?!!!

Last night as I was lying in bed I reached over to turn off my lamp and the stretching made me feel strange and instantly was sure that I had again made my egg pop out of its secure place

I am incredibly aware that I may not even be pregnant and therefore all of this would be mute. 

I flipped over on my stomach to fall asleep after panicking about the stretching, rubbing my stomach gently and wishing good thoughts when I realized I was suffocating this poor egg that is trying to develop! I immediately jumped to my back and apologized to my belly.  At this point even my dog Simba was staring at my like his owner had lost her ever-loving mind, but I didn’t care!  I want this egg to “hatch” into the baby I have been dreaming of for over a year now!  If that means not moving for two weeks post insemination than so be it!

Oh ya, I was also wearing form-fitting jeans yesterday that cut into my stomach and hips – those are gone as well!

Love (the crazy and maniacal)



2 thoughts on “I may be over-reacting

  1. Honey you have to calm down, you are going to drive yourself over the edge! We are all keeping our fingers crossed for you – as well as sending good thoughts, love and prayers your way.

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