It Happened

I knew it would.  I have been dreading the holiday season because I. KNEW. IT. WOULD. HAPPEN.  


I got a Christmas card for my dad. 

There it was staring up at me, a red envelope with black lettering, snowflakes dancing across the front.  A gentleman’s name I was unfamiliar with on the return address stamp.  Inside was a personal message to my father.  My heart immediately sunk.  I had been having a good day, a good week even.  But like a rock, I sunk to a pool of emptiness.  I had to find out who this person was, who didn’t my family consult on when we had the funeral back in July?  

I called my brother and he didn’t know.  I did what all young people do, I went on Google.  I searched the address.  It was an RBC building, I ran to grab my dad’s paper work, and it is from his financial advisor.  We haven’t closed my dad’s stocks yet, haven’t informed his FA that my dad passed because we didn’t have the certificate allowing us to cash out the stocks.  Ironically, I had also gotten that paper work completed yesterday.  

Thankfully, I don’t feel bad about not informing this man of his passing because they weren’t friends, I doubt he would have attended the funeral; he (I assume) was a voice over the phone advising him of when and what to invest in.  My father never mentioned him by name and I never had to drive him to appointments so I am guessing their relationship was not a close one.  My guilt was relieved, my heart started to beat normally again.  

I will be contacting this gentleman soon to cash the stocks so I will advise him of my father’s passing and express my thanks for the Christmas card.  I just pray I don’t receive anymore.  I believe everyone knows…I hope. 




One thought on “It Happened

  1. Hi Honey, I think you should contact the financial advisor – or at least get the lawyer or accountant to do so – just in case there are tax issues to be considered that should be dealt with before the end of this year.  There may not be and I know you don’t want to deal with it now, but It’s always good to find about these things sooner rather than later.  Just trying to help if I can.   Aunt Sharron

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