Project Life: My life…your life…everyones life

At my work, a colleague – I would call her a friend – has really opened my eyes to creativity and change.  She is the one who has me on Pinterest and has me couponing and now she has introduced me to something else… 

Project Life 

One photo will be taken every day for a memory book, documenting a year in my life.  Now why would I need to do this?  I take photos all the time right?  Those who follow me on Facebook or Instagram know this!  In fact just a year and a half into having my Iphone I need to transfer my photos onto the computer because I can’t hold anymore and I have used up so much space I can’t download the new ios7 (or is 8 or 9 now? Who knows…)? The point is, I love taking photos!  I love capturing moments.  I’m praying 2014 will be a much better year than 2013 was (though in 2010 I said “how can it get worse” and in 2011 my grandma passed away – I got the picture, it can always get worse!) 

So whether it is good or bad, I am going to document the crap out of my life in 2014.  I am going to write notes and photograph my surroundings.  I will update you on here of course, of how it’s going and I will turn to you all who read this (and my friend as mentioned above) to give me advice of what to photograph, what to document (besides the obvious – dog, friends, family, good food) and look for feedback to make it a great scrapbook and an even better memory book for the year I’m hoping and praying my whole life changes. 

Here are some examples from Pinterest if you have no idea what I am talking about:

Project Life - I life this format. Nice, clean lines.

Project Life Debut {Freebie Alert} | Inspired By Peanut & Bean

Project Life Planner by brandyseitz on Etsy

Project Life 6x12 insert

So those are some examples, mine will look similar with my own flair…I am excited.  At the very least, I have something I know I can look forward to in 2014, while nothing else seems to be very certain?!





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