2013 ended…2014 welcome (part 2)

So when I left you yesterday, my heat had come back on and I was surviving from a pretty treacherous Christmas Eve melt down. 

After the heat was back on, and the laundry was laundered and the dishes were washed I had to restock my fridge.  $200 of food thrown out – what a disgusting waste.  I waste a lot of food in general being a single person, but the amount of food I had to throw out over the holidays even made ME upset. 

I had a New Years Eve celebration to look forward to though.  On December 31st, I went to Smiths Brothers steak house in Scarborough with two coupled friends I have.  The food was good, I had the Prime Rib cooked medium and a glass of white zinfindel; and spending time chatting with four of my closest friends made me smile more than I had probably all year.


We then went to Yuk Yuk’s in Ajax.  The female MC comic was HILARIOUS.  She was so funny (its strange cause I am not usually a fan of female comics) she was great.  After that the opening act was a guy from Brampton I think and he WAS NOT FUNNY.  I don’t think I even snickered let alone laughed.  He was weird and not funny weird, just weird.  None of my group was impressed with him and we were grateful when the girl came back.  The main act though, a man from Barrie, he was great!  I laughed and smiled and was really amazed at how much fun I was having.  

There was a Midnight countdown toast and then we left.  I took my first project life picture with my group out front of Yuk Yuks and as one of my friends drove me home, I smiled to myself that the worst year yet was over and a new one was beginning.  Welcome 2014. 

On January first I went to a movie with Rob and my little sweetheart Julia.  Ironically we went and saw Frozen the kid’s animated movie.  I loved it!  It was so good and the story line was cute and the music was catchy.  Seeing Julia made me happy too, I can’t get enough of that kid.  I swear I could see her everyday and never get sick of her!

The only thing left I have to tell you about my last few weeks is that on January 9th, I am leaving for




I am spending my 33rd birthday (January 10th) with my best friend in Cayo Santa Maria Cuba!  After all this ice, all this snow, all these below zero temperatures, I am taking off.  I am GONE!  WOOHOO! 

Have an awesome January folks, I’ll review my trip and resort when I get back! 




2 thoughts on “2013 ended…2014 welcome (part 2)

  1. Have a wonderful time in Cuba honey – Happy Birthday and I hope it is the beginning of an AWESOME year for you!! Hugs, hugs and more hugs.

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