Houser rich, cash poor?

This is my dilemma.  Now that Christmas is (officially) over, I am starting to think seriously about my future home.  What will it look like?  How many rooms and bathrooms will it have?  Will it have all hardwood floors?  What about a basement?  Most importantly I am thinking, where will it be and how much will it cost me??????? 

My fathers’ favorite show a few years ago was a British show called Location, Location, Location.  It featured two agents who would take a couple (or single person) around England to find a home to buy.  It always came down to location (though having watched some of those episodes myself, the homes were small and cramped and SO expensive I would have moved to a different country)! 

I have two choices right now as I see it. 

Scarborough: Newer town homes on Mondeo Dr in the Birchmount and Ellesmere area, a bit pricey, but they have high maintenance fees because they are condo townhouses so I am NOT excited about that prospect.  However, they are beautiful, close to Simbas doggy day care, close to my work, close to so many of my friends and close to the highway.  Plus, once little Koko Bean finally makes an appearance, it’s quite close to my friend who will be my babysitter.  It is INCREDIBLY convenient.  

Pickering/Ajax: A newer freehold townhouse, that is not as pricey, but in my ideal city, good schools, lots of my friends with kids live nearby and for some reason I have always seen myself moving to Durham.  However, the commute to work will be an extra 30-45 minutes and it’s nowhere near my dog’s day care and nowhere near my babysitter. 

So what’s a girl to do?  Do I pay more money for a great home that is close by everything or do I move further out to save money and be in the neighborhood I’d prefer?? 

This is the kind of question I so desperately want to ask my dad.  He would tell me what to do.  He would guide me and advise me and in the end, I would choose his choice because I trust him.  Not that I don’t trust anyone else, but in reality, it’s his opinion that mattered most in my world.  He knew me like no one else and he ALWAYS had my best interests at heart.  Sadly, I can’t even imagine what he would say. My therapist always tells me to be real quiet and think about what he would say when I need his advice, to hear his words, but I can’t with this…I don’t know.

On one hand, he’d want me to go to Durham because he knows I love the Durham area and saving money is key, but on the other hand, he was one of convenience as well and he’d like me to be close to family (both my brother, mom and one aunt live in Scarborough). 

So what’s a girl to do?  I don’t know.  I truly don’t.  I can’t just go with my heart and I can’t just go with my head.  I am going to drive poor John my realtor nuts.  Thank God he’s also my good friend! 

Maybe I’ll flip a coin, my dad would shake his head in annoyance at that, but he’d know as well that making life changing and lifelong decisions isn’t my forte.





4 thoughts on “Houser rich, cash poor?

  1. If you can find a place you could love close to work, friends and family, doggy day-care and possible baby-sitting, take it. An extra 30 to 45 minutes commute would take a lot of time away from the more important things in life. And is that in good weather? You mentioned the word CONVENIENT- when you are trying to juggle work and single parenthood, convenience is very important. As well, what you save in condo fees you might spend on gas, wear and tear on the car, etc.

    • Thanks Aunt Sharron, those are all things to think about – and valuable things to think about.

      My friends also advised me to think long term and weekends and holidays and mat leave…It will be a hard decision, but I know I’ll make the right one!

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