Sometimes all you need is a little sun

So on Christmas day, I gained some much-needed perspective of my life.  I talked about that in my last blog…well last weekend it was really driven home. 

My bff, Alvin took me to Cayo Santa Maria Cuba for my 33rd birthday!  We were there five days and four nights and had a great time!  Now for those of you who remember or followed me at my old blog, you’ll remember that Alvin is my ex, yes the ex who broke my very fragile heart in 2010.  However, our relationship didn’t work – for a million and one reasons; we are extremely good at maintaining a friendship, not so great at maintaining a relationship.  So we have worked on things, talked for what seems like a million hours and shockingly – just like that – we are best friends again and on Thursday, we flew out of cold, dark, dreary Toronto into the warmth, the sun and the green of Cuba! 

While there, I started to think; I further began to understand that while my life is NO WHERE near what I want it to be, I have great foundations and a great basis to make great things come true.  I want to live this life and see where I end up.  Maybe I fall short of achieving some dreams, I am sure I will, but maybe I can make some come true.  Maybe I smile more than I frown.  Maybe I laugh more than I cry and if that’s the case, I need to make every day count – I need to work at succeeding, stop whining.  More importantly, I WANT to work at succeeding. 

Now if you want my opinion of Santa Maria and the Memories resort where I stayed you will need to look at Trip Advisors website and click on the Memories Paraiso Azul beach resort and my user tag is Nikilee30.  Just know, I am happy – I was so happy.  I am so lucky to have the greatest best friend in the world that goes out of his way to make sure I am having a good time!  

Winter is a tough time for a lot of people, the darker skies, the colder temperatures; the shortened days lead to people struggling to get through their weeks without a breakdown.  People who suffer with mental health issues struggle even more.  It doesn’t surprise me that January is Mental Health awareness month and Bell’s “let’s talk” day is January 28th.  It is no secret that I have been taking an anti-depressant for a few years now and am under the watch of my doctor and a therapist.  Winter is a time where I am well aware my hibernating-self needs to be careful.  And I am. 

However, when I go tanning (fake tanning) or when I am on the island, baking in the hot sun and relaxing, I feel better.  I think many people do.  These trips are necessary for my soul to thrive.  My aunt understands – she travels at least a few times a year, maybe it’s in our blood.  I hope to continue this tradition after I am fortunate enough to get pregnant and then deliver my little Koko.  He/she will know how to travel, know where to travel and when.  They will see things, I am just beginning to see, taste foods I am just beginning to taste and they will do it all with me.  I can’t wait!




One thought on “Sometimes all you need is a little sun

  1. So happy you had a great time and enjoyed the sun. Have you discussed with your Doctor that you may be suffering from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and might benefit from the special light therapy used to treat this? Apparently you sit in front them for a certain length of time daily during the dreary winter. Always glad to hear you had a great time with Alvin – you know what my heart keeps hoping!!!!!

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