Eat your vegetables!

On Wednesday, my beautiful, 14-year-old niece K told me that she was accepted into Wexford Collegiate’s art program for grade 9!  It was something we had been hoping for and praying for and finally my families prayers were answered – she got in!  I can totally see her graduating from this art school and travelling to Asia to create Anime art with other artists; blue hair, piercings and maybe a tattoo or two.  She is so unique I am jealous at times of her crazy talent and abilities! 

Her mom and I went with K and her siblings to dinner that night to celebrate when she dropped the bomb on me: she wants to be a vegetarian!  WHAT???  We are a meat-eating family…no one in my family except my cousins fiance is a vegetarian and I can’t even fathom what that will look like in our house.  All of our meals are centered around meat – turkey, cottage roll, chicken…and SUSHI! 

K quickly clarified – she will eat fish, because she can’t give up Makimono; like her auntie, she is obsessed with the AYCE Japanese restaurant in Pickering ON.  If she had decided to go completely veggie, I am not sure how I would have supported her.  I mean I am sure I would, I know I would…but it would be so hard to have meals together that she would eat.  Already she only eats caesar salad and mashed potatoes when we have Swiss Chalet – weirdo.  However I love this kid, she is so special she makes my heart happy so I will figure out what I can do to feed her more than just side dishes, even if that means Tofurkey for Thanksgiving! 

Maybe not.

Anyway, I started thinking, what if my little Koko bean decided to be a vegetarian, or worse (not worse, but harder, ya know what I mean?) a Vegan!!!  No animal products whatsoever!!  Holy crap I may lose my mind!

I love meat.  All meat except bacon and that’s just cause I don’t like the taste of bacon…I still love pork!! 

If Koko decides her love for animals outweighs her love for greasy cheeseburgers, I will have to support that decision.  I will have to send emails to PETA to find out what projects he/she can get involved in to encourage others not to eat meat…

However, I am his/her mother and I am a proud meat-eater (please don’t throw fake blood on me).

Love Nicole


9 thoughts on “Eat your vegetables!

  1. At lot of teenage girls go through the “vegetarian” phase, so it’s not unusual. Just make sure she does it right and researches how she can get adequate protein and iron which is so important, especially at her age while she is still growing and developing! Just eating vegetables is not enough. I hope she will still eat eggs and dairy.

  2. I love me some cheeseburgers, but I applaud her commitment. My sister was a vegetarian for quite a while and it really worked for her. It takes a lot to make that choice, I wish her all the best. Much respect!

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