I had no idea…

On Saturday morning afternoon, I met up with my realtor and we headed out to see our first house in Ajax.  Now I had no desire to actually move out so far – Pickering (Brock Rd) was the farthest I wanted to spread my wings, but with no prospects there to this point, I told John to see what he could find further east.  I have about half a dozen friends who live in Ajax and Whitby so I felt very comfortable with this decision. 

We pulled up to the first house and from the outside I started smiling.  I had a vision of me pulling up to this house every day for the next 20 years.  Shaking my head, John opened the door and I had to catch my breath.  The house (a bungalow!) was immaculate.  It was modern with a touch of unique design features including exposed brick, a massive basement with a spa like bathroom and three fair-sized bedrooms.  

Needless to say I was happy.  

John and I went to five more homes that day and none compared to my Ajax beauty.  We looked at some comparables, called the listing agent to get more information and arranged to come during the open house the next day to see it again. 

I brought my mom, aunt and brother with me, to see if they saw what I did.  My brother joked about bidding on it because he liked it so much!  I started to really see myself living in Ajax, having babies and being a soccer mom to Koko (Soccer is HUGE in Ajax). 

John arranged for a walk through again on Monday with a home inspector who would do a walk through for me to see if I could take out the clause of a home condition to make my offer more appealing.  The Home inspector loved the house and was HIGHLY impressed.  I knew then and there I wanted this house more than I’ve wanted anything (other than Koko) in a long time.  I talked to John about putting our best foot forward.  No bargaining.  I was going in with what I wanted to pay for it and now I have a few hours to freak out over whether my offer or a competing bid will be accepted?  So far 5 bids have been registered and they are looking at them at 5:30.  That’s a long time to wait.  My severe lack of sleep last night was excitement, not fear.  I feel this is the right house.  If I don’t win it, it may take a while till I feel this again.  

I have accepted the fact that I may not actually win this bid; that I may have to begrudgingly continue looking.  A lot of people came through and a lot of people seemed VERY interested, families – husband and wife – who probably have more money than I do.  This made me start to actually wish that I had a partner – someone who could support me through this, who would be able share the debt load.  I can afford this home (just) at what I have offered, but it would be SO much easier to have a partner by my side to share in the experience.  As much as I have friends and family to encourage me and cheer for me, I don’t have someone to lean on when it comes to the finances; I don’t have a partner in crime.  This is all a bit crazy to be doing alone.  

Single woman be damned!  We can do it all, sure we can, but it would be nice to not have to.  That’s the difference!




4 thoughts on “I had no idea…

  1. Home buying – so fun, yet so stressful at the same time. All I can say is when it’s meant to be yours, it will be yours. We just “knew” when we found our home too. Looking forward to hearing how it goes. Good luck!

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