Day 3, Clomid and Flappy Bird

This morning I woke up and immediately felt like a small bowling ball was ripping through my uterus.  Is this too much information to be sharing live on a blog?  Maybe it is? I was happy even through the pain because today is my Day 3 and for all of you have suffered from Fertility issues you know day 3 is an important day as it begins the cycle monitoring stage! 

Today after my blood work and ultrasound I saw my fabulous Doctor and she wrote me a prescription for Clomid, a drug to help increase fertility.  I will take it for the next 5 days and hopefully when I see my doctor again in a week I will have lots of teeny tiny eggs ready to be fertilized by my donor!  

Sitting in the ultrasound room always makes me feel self-conscious.  So many women are there with their partners or at least if they are alone they are sporting large diamonds on their ring fingers and me, I am sitting there alone playing Flappy Bird feeling insignificant.  

The staff has NEVER made me feel this way, let me make that very clear – I am always made to feel like their most important patient, but internally I feel awkward.  Do I wish things had been different?  Sure!  Of course…I’m sure most single moms would give anything to have a partner to love and support them and their child, but things weren’t different so I am making the best choices for me right now, in February of 2014.  

Today I wondered if the people there thought maybe I was a lesbian.  I mean statistically most women don’t choose to do this alone and since I am a smiley person I always smile warmly at the women who come in and pass me by.  I am okay with this.  Think what they want, lesbian, lonely single or confidant strong independent woman I could be at any point any one of these three people and since I highly doubt I’ll see them anywhere other than a waiting room, I keep smiling, chatting up nurses, doctors and patients alike.  That’s who I am…right now. 

I can’t wait to see how this medication makes me feel.  I was warned of hot flashes, mood swings etc….thank God I will be starting this over the weekend when my actions and behaviours affect the least amount of people! 

I’ll update you all on Monday…how this medication and my emotions are 








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