My top 5 reasons I cannot wait to move!

There are so many emotions running through my Clomid filled body right now that I thought I would focus on some positive things…why I am EXCITED to move to the “town” of Ajax.

1. It’s a fresh start: ever since my ex and I broke up in 2010 I have made one mistake after another that has thrown me for a real loop.  Whether it be boyfriends or work or money or family related, my mistakes haunt me and I need a fresh place to begin what is the second half of my life – AD (after daddy).  Since his passing in July I have known that the Sedgemount home was no longer my home.  It was my home while he existed, my safe place to fall, now it doesn’t hold that same special place in my heart.  It’s unfortunate but true.

2. It’s in AJAX:  I have wanted to move out to Durham for as long as I can remember – actually probably since my friend Lyndsey moved out there after 8th grade.  Slowly but surely a large majority of my friends have found there way east of Scarborough and I look forward to joining them.  I completed a lot of my teacher preparation out there including one placement and a few years of volunteering, positive that I myself would end up living out there as soon as the time was right…it’s right

3. Half of my friends live near my new home: I spend so much time thinking about my friends that live in Durham, sad that I don’t get to see them as often as I want to because the drive at night can be a pain…now, since I have to make that drive anyway, it won’t be as bad!  Especially because my friend Kim is about to have her second baby any day now!  I’ll hopefully get to spend more time with her little family watching her kids grow up!  Two of my friends from my old work location live in Durham and I never get to see them except the random night out for dinner  a couple of times a year.  Now that we are all living in the same town we can spend more time together!  YAY!  I also have one cousin who lives five minutes from my home with his wife and even though we haven’t been close in the past, I would relish the opportunity to become close, to be friends AND family.

4. Decorating: I am a pinterest fanatic (thank you Sarah) and even though this house has been redone and doesn’t need a lot of work – decorating is always a must and I can’t wait to start to make it mine!  I want it to be modern, but very personal.  I will attack one room at a time and when I am done I can look back and go – yep, this is MY house!

5. My dad would want this house for me:  when I stepped in this house I knew.  My dad would have loved it.  He would have wanted to live in it, and he would be so happy for me that his sacrifices allowed me to get a house I so thoroughly love.  I believe he’s looking down, smiling at me, happy for me, proud of me and I can’t wait to sit on my couch and feel his presence around me as I watch TV in my new living room!

What was your favourite part of house hunting or moving??  Let me know…




One thought on “My top 5 reasons I cannot wait to move!

  1. I also love decorating but I feel like it’s a continous process. We’ve been in our home for 3 years now and we are repainting our living room again this spring. Sometimes you need to live in a space for a while before you get a feel for what works. I loved looking at houses. We didn’t buy brand new so it’s interesting to compare layouts. But when we found this house we just knew. We knew before we even saw it in person (and our realtor dragged us to 16 other homes before we said nope it was the first one we found on our own). Believe it or not, I also love unpacking. I am an organization freak. Haha Good luck to you with the move. Such exciting times.

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