I’d like to thank the academy:

 Last night I signed off all the paperwork for my house, realizing my signature is hideous and I think I am going to spend the next couple of days practicing a signature that doesn’t look a three-year old with a tantrum.  

As I left the lawyer’s office I realized with glee that as of tomorrow at 5:00 I will have the keys to my home.  MY.  HOME.  

It still feels surreal.  I need to send some shout-outs or thank you’s to people who have been supporting me and surrounding me with love since day 1 of me seeing this house (which crazy enough was less than a month ago!). 

First and foremost to my realtor Jon, you have guided me patiently towards what was the right house for me.  Neither of us expected it to be in Ajax, but you showed me what I needed to see and not just what I wanted to see and for that I have my dream home.  If anyone is looking for an agent in or around the Toronto area, message me for his details!  He’s great. 

Second I need to say the biggest thank you to my mom!  If you had told me five years ago that my mother would be the one person I would rely on the most, who I would speak to daily and who was the biggest support and help I would have looked at you crazy, but we have become so much closer in the past year and I would not have gotten through the last few months without her.  Everything from picking up Simba from his doggy day care, to driving to my house, picking up a cheque I forgot at home and driving it to my work – she is amazing and I am grateful for her! 

I want to shout out to some friends who have been there along the way, texting me daily and even some coming out to see the house.  Erin, you are crazy and inappropriate at the best of times, but the fact that you were there the moment I found out I got the house and were the first hug of congratulations I received will stay with me forever.  Agnes, it still amazes me how close we became so quickly, I look forward to many backyard bbq’s with you this summer since your in laws will be around to watch the kids 😉 Kim, that baby needs to come out…I mean seriously, I have no patience and the fact that this is your second child, well I am ready to greet your little girl and snuggle her!  Thank you for texting constantly about the house and showing your support and making me laugh hysterically while you cussed out Jon for him showing me a house close to yours!  I cannot wait to be your sort of neighbour!!

To Alexander Guarnes, my lawyer – thank you!  If all I have to do is sign my name a bunch of times and you do the rest, I am good with that!  

And finally, none of this would be possible without my dad.  My dad saved his money, made good investment choices ensuring his children would be left with enough money to make some dreams come true.  You did daddy!  I miss you every day and I would give it all up for five more minutes with you, but since I know that is impossible I will live everyday living by your example and doing what is right for me – what you would have wanted for me!  




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