Dating Disasters as experienced by me

My whole dating career (yes I consider it a career since I put more time and energy into my dating life, or thinking about dating then anywhere else), has been one long string of disasters after another.  Whether it be my fault or their fault or lifes fault or Ghandi’s fault  or the Busted Asians (hahahah Erin) fault, every relationship I have had has ended, usually with me being hurt.

I am not going to go into detail about each relevant ex and their flaws and trash them (even though that would make for a REALLY funny blog and I am sure many of my friends would love for me to finally say something negative about some of these men), but that’s not how I roll so lets move on.

After my last IUI didn’t work I went downtown with two of my guy friends and their 5 year-old daughters.  I felt that twinge, you know the one, the one that makes you push aside your “I am woman hear me roar” thoughts and allows the “I miss having someone in my life to hang out with, go places with, spend time with and be intimate with” thoughts to shove their way violently into the forefront of my mind.  I actually considered reactivating my Eharmony account.


I know…I have to have said it a dozen times in the past ten years.  I hate online dating, I hate the formality of it, the awkwardness of it and just the general uncomfortableness that surrounds me and online dating.  However, with very few friends who can set me up and with a limited population that would find me attractive and appealing, I am running out of options.

I am going to wait until I have officially moved into my house to make this decision.  I don’t want to do it out of loneliness, but at the same time I want to be happy and smile some more and even though my track record has a lot of frowns and tears, there has been smiles so maybe I’ll get lucky enough to have some more.  If it doesn’t work out I can still do two more IUI’s come late Spring when planned.

Oh gosh – do any of you have any friends you can hook me up with?!  LOL…clearly I’m desperate or delusional.




5 thoughts on “Dating Disasters as experienced by me

  1. Always remember, better no man than the WRONG man. Maybe you need to take up a new interest, club or sport where you can meet different people – maybe in your new home town. Has anyone ever had anything good come out of on-line dating?

    • Many of my friends and colleagues are in wonderful relationships which started online. This is why I hold out hope…

      But trust me, I can be alone forever if I don’t find the RIGHT man and be completely content.

      And Aunt Sharron, I know who you think the right man is…lol…and it isn’t.

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