This weekend my long-awaited girls trip finally came! Blue Mountain was the destination and I was super excited because I have never been but so many colleagues and friends have been there and I have made it my mission to get to the mountains!. Thanks to Kim, Erin and Nancy that mission was completed!

Kim and I drove up together Friday in the early afternoon and we made amazing time – except that about 20 minutes away my GPS lost a signal and we had to find our own way there. Thankfully there is the MOUNTAINS to follow so we did. Blue Mountain had to be somewhere close to the actual mountain no? YES! YAY!

We walked around waiting for Nancy and Erin to arrive (who also lost GPS signal but they didn’t clue in quite as quickly to the follow the mountains) and figuring out where things were.

As we were walking we decided to ride their version of a roller coaster. It was crazy fun and when the other girls finally arrived we all rode the coaster again! I am not going to do a play by-play of everything we did because there was so much:

we ate (well Kim didn’t – for some reason all of her food was undercooked, overcooked or gross) but the rest of us ate well and drank well and we had a blast.

I have needed this break with these ladies for a long time now. They are three of my absolute closest friends and the ones who make the most time to hang out with me even though they have families, partners, kids and friends of their own and they always keep me smiling. This weekend was NO different.

We all laughed so much my stomach was cramping and my cheeks were aching. Even during our “couples” spa package Kim had me in tears, ruining my clay mask – but those lights really did look like dog dishes!!!

Kim, Nancy and I went zip lining and I was pretty sure it would be the walk up to the zips that would kill me not the actual zip lining! I mean seriously, can’t they have an escalator? I couldn’t breathe by the time we got to the top and they guy was explaining what would happen…I just let him strap me and let me go. IT WAS FANTASTIC! Another item scratched off my bucket list! YES!

We also had a lot of Sex on the Beach drinks. When I say a lot, I mean for four girls who never drink. We each had like 4 or 5 but we were all feeling good and enjoying every minute away giggling and gossiping!

On the Saturday we were sitting under a gazebo around 10:30 at night and we looked over and there were approximately 20 young boys (about ages10-14 I’m guessing) who had streaked down to their underwear and ran through the village with no shoes on! At first we couldn’t believe it and then we just kept giggling the whole time – completely inappropriate – but so hilarious!

On Sunday when it was finally time to leave, I was sad. I knew I’d have to come home and deal with this dreaded week leading up to father’s day alone, but I was also happy to come home to Simba. Nothing beats a girl’s weekend with friends, except coming home to puppy dog kisses!

This is going to have to be an annual thing because these girls are my life and this weekend proved how amazing time away from everything truly is!

Until next year…

Love Nicole



  1. So glad you had a good time and laughed until you cried – happy tears are the best. I know Fathers’ Day will be very hard but I also know he is watching and is so proud of how well you have dealt with everything you had to do this past year. Hugs!!!!

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