Go away – no really go away…to school

Last week I was fortunate to have dinner with a girlfriend whose daughter has left for University…already you ask? I mean it’s July!!!!

Yes but this beauty *and she is a gorgeous girl* has been given a scholarship for soccer to a school in the States so their “camp” starts now and games start in August because the season is so short. So yes, the young woman who I met over four years ago when she was entering High school has now left to live in a dorm, with strangers and to officially begin living!

When I was in highschool, I always knew I wanted to go away to University. Not that I didn’t love my dad or my friends, but my dad was strict and living under his roof with his rules was wearing on our relationship and I knew our fighting would only worsen had I chosen to go to York or UfT or a community college. I needed out – so I only applied to schools with a minimum two-hour car ride (granted I turned down Lakehead a 24 hour car ride because that was a bit to North for me).

Going to Trent was a decision I can’t come to regret no matter how much I doubt the actual value of my education there. The school and teachers and classes were great, but it was too different and I felt so out of touch to thoroughly learn much of anything useful. But the best thing about Trent was the whole idea of LIVING ON CAMPUS!!!!

I loved every minute of campus life. Besides the fact that Trent’s campus is by far the most beautiful campus in Ontario, I lived in the best “house” – Otonabee college. The majority of my classes (the majority of most first year classes) was in the Wenjak Theater which was inside Otonabee college so I wore pajamas and sweat pants to a lot of early morning classes in order to come back to my room and fall back asleep again. My friends lived with me (but not in my room so I was able to get some sleep) and I ate every meal with my housemates – some of whom became my closest confidants.

I had access to every cafeteria with my meal card – though stayed mostly in Otonabee because the Peterborough winter could be harsh crossing the bridge on foot to other colleges (about a 10 minute walk) like Lady Eaton and Champlain which hosted a Pita Pit! The library on campus was huge and helpful and although the Bus system in Peterborough is BRUTAL, the Trent Express ran regularly to get us from campus to downtown Peterborough.

Like the majority of second year students, I moved off campus to enjoy downtown living, but nothing quite compared to my Otonabee College experience and I am grateful for it.

I began to think of little Koko Bean…would I want him or her to move away from me…to live on campus where I don’t have access to them 24/7? Where I am a phone call away, but not a close drive away? Ohhhhhhh gosh…I want to say yes. I want to say that I will force Koko to go away to school to get the whole freshman experience, but it’s not fair to say I will because at the end of the day I just don’t know. For now – for sure that kid is leaving and enjoying their late teens/early twenties experiencing life away from me, their ever-loving – all encompassing mother, but when the time comes, will I be as brave as my friend sending her only daughter hundreds of miles away to play soccer? Time *hopefully* will tell

For now I wish Ms. Smith an amazing first year!

Love Nicole


5 thoughts on “Go away – no really go away…to school

  1. Just as you did, Koko Bean will make up his or her own mind, and like all parents you will be supportive and push your fears down!!

  2. I never really had the desire to move away for college, but I got married at 18 and move to another state where my husband was stationed the day after my 19th bday. My mother absolutely did not want me to leave, and I don’t know how she would have dealt with it if I had moved for college. I definitely want my son to go to college, but only a couple hrs or so away. Luckily, TX has some great schools that aren’t more than 4 or 5 hrs away:)

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