I’m sick and under construction

I have had some complaints from friends and family, that I haven’t been blogging, that they have missed my exciting, thought-provoking blogs!  Okay, maybe they just said “dude you need to blog again”.  I do like to think that at times, my writing inspires people to have a conversation, to think and ponder, but to be honest with you the past couple of months have been a bit hectic and for about six weeks now I have had a cold.

I don’t have the flu, I don’t require bed rest or fluids or any special herbal remedy.  I have a stuffed nose and every once in a while my mouth goes completely, uncomfortably dry (from breathing through my mouth).  I have taken allergy pills with the thought that it was allergies (it wasn’t) and I have taken cold and sinus pills (which also didn’t work).  I went to my Doctor yesterday (after she made me wait over 40 minutes in the room) and she has written me a prescription as much as I am not keen on taking antibiotics, I am getting desperate!

The other issue I have had is that my house – that perfect house I bought that I figured needed minimal renovations – has been under construction.  Of course this past summer I had a massive deck installed with a patio area and just for the fun of it I have had my laundry room redone and a gas fire-place installed.  Why not right!?  It has been an exhausting endeavor and my house upstairs and down is a complete mess with  drywall dust which sticks to EVERYTHING. I have even bought a mop and a bucket instead of depending on my swifter wet mop cause it was doing nothing for my floors!  My frustration level is quite high with the mess my house is in.  About that perfect house – to bad it’s owner isn’t satisfied with perfection because now I have dreams and aspirations of a totally different look!  Although look at the fireplace – it’s SO pretty and takes up less space which makes me happy cause I always felt the wall jutting out was weird!

The "before" fireplace

The “before” fireplace


The "after" photo

The “after” photo

I also had the joy of my first holiday in my new place!  Halloween is not my favourite holiday, but it was fun to dress my house up in fall and Halloween decor!  I even carved two pumpkins and dressed up!  It wasn’t that great of an evening because it was pouring rain most of the night and I only had like 20 kids, but I am still happy with the way it went and I look forward to next year!

My "bat" pumpkin that was broken by a two year old

My “bat” pumpkin that was broken by a two year old

Pumpkins can smile right?

Pumpkins can smile right?

Simba totally loves Halloween!

Simba totally loves Halloween!

I promise to try to update more on my blog. I do feel bad, I want this blog to be a success and I am creating my own failure in that journey, but I will take on the task of updating you all on other interesting “Nicole” features soon!

Love Nicole


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