The Power of Touch


Touch is the first sense we acquire, and it is a building block for our relationships. When you don’t have a relationship, it’s the one thing that goes missing from your life that you don’t even realize is gone until it comes back again in one form or another.

Everyone knows I am an extremely affectionate person.  I greet my friends and family with hugs and kisses and I constantly place my hand on someones shoulder, arm or leg if I am talking with them.  It’s important to me to be able to touch someone without it being weird or creepy or worse – sexual harassment!  Because I am so affectionate in my day-to-day encounters with those I love, I didn’t even realize I missed being touched until last night.

I had booked a facial with my Esthetician whom I have known for years and my favourite part of the facial is the 20 minute face and upper chest massage that they do.  During those quiet 20 minutes I was so relaxed and was just enjoying being touched.  Having someone rub my arms and touch my face were peaceful and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Think of it – I have been sick for six weeks!  When you are a child and you are sick, your mom or dad snuggles you and cuddles you to make you feel better.  When you are an adult and are sick, you have a partner who can snuggle or cuddle you.  I have had no one.  I lie on the couch, isolated and alone – well to be honest Simba has been obsessed with me since the day I got him and even more so when I am sick!  So to have Bessie rub my temples, my head, my shoulders, and my neck felt so good I could have cried.

It’s amazing what you don’t even know you miss until randomly you get it again.  Never have I once thought to myself these past few years of being single that I have missed human touch and affection, but a nice massage from someone I trust and BOOM it hits me like a ton of bricks.

Most of you won’t understand.  It’s not a sexual touch that I miss (well, maybe) but a personal one.  Those of you with children or spouses will have no clue as to what I am talking about or even fully understand; and while I am still not feeling well, for a brief 20 minutes I was utterly and completely at peace.

Thanks to Bessie for that

Love Nicole


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