50% off!? Yes please!

My mom took me to the one place that has become dangerous thanks to my colleague and scrapbooking friend Sarah – MICHAEL’S!!

***cue scary music****

Mom needed to exchange some wool for a blanket she’s making me – thanks mom! And I was armed with … Wait for it …

A 50% off one item coupon!!!!

Oh mylanta! I have been wanting a 3X4 card punch for my 2015 promise of a Project life album. And with this coupon in hand I walked in…knowing I’d behave because Sarah said she’d take me on Boxing Day to really prepare for this dramatic task.

If you don’t know what Project life is then you are not into scrapbooking or Pinterest because its everywhere! I tried to do it this year because this was a crazy, fun-filled, lessons learned kind of year but I got overwhelmed and stopped. This year it is my promise to
not only do it but to finish it and display some of it on here. I am still praying that the new year will bring about a new baby so this is a perfect year to get it going on!

Stay tuned…ill be scraping and punching with my new card punch in hand!




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