Mother Nature you are being a bitch

This pretty much sums up my feelings

This pretty much sums up my feelings

Last year we had Ice Storm 2013.  It knocked out the power across Toronto and other regions in and around the GTA for days, ruining Christmas for many and causing people and communities to really pull together to survive and thrive.  It was cold all the time.  The snow came and went at a moments notice.  Everyone – even the winter and snow lovers, became miserable.  Fearing winter would never end.

Pretty and ugly all at the same time!

Pretty and ugly all at the same time!

I was on the verge of anxiety attacks every day!  I crave warmth, bathe in it, dream about it regularly and last winter was really rough.  My first winter/Christmas without my dad and the weather was really not helping! All I wanted was to feel some heat – thanks to my friend for coming to Cuba with me for my birthday so that I was able to get soak in some vitamin D!  The snow and ice and cold stayed with us through March and into April and I don’t know if anyone was sad to see it go.

Summer wasn’t all that great, no major heat waves which sucked and it rained quite a bit so I am still feeling a bit jipped!

Now its November – not even December and it is below 0 degrees and we have snow – Buffalo which is an hour and a half away has THREE FEET OF SNOW!  My contractor is stuck there because of the craziness going on.  Mother Nature is being a stupid bitch (and I hate that word, but seriously there is no other word that spews as much venom toward her than bitch!).  I remember winters where we didn’t get snow till AFTER Christmas.  Where it was cold, but not freezing.  Where we had days and weeks in between snow storms.  Now its mere hours…what the frig!?

This is gearing up to be another bad winter.  2014 isn’t out yet and it’s ending pretty crappy weather wise.  Even Simba isn’t impressed.  He has been peeing on my deck and not on the grass or patio because he wants to run back in so quickly – and he’s a damn dog!  If he can’t survive it, how am I supposed to??




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