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I love movies, I love Christmas – hence I love Christmas movies…this is true!  However, I know there are a lot I have not seen and so when browsing google (because what else do you browse) I typed in “list of Christmas classics” and it popped out this list of top 20 Christmas movies…I’m ashamed to say I have not watched them all – oh so sad.  But now, when I am free this weekend to relax and do nothing, I know have something to do!  Thank you On Demand for movies at my finger tips.

It’s a Wonderful Life
Whether or not you have your own guardian angel hovering, the lesson here is that it’s not money that makes you rich.
I have not seen this movie. I know this one shocks me every year because it IS the Christmas movie that is most important to watch or so I’ve been told.  I think on Friday I am going to watch this one cause I feel ashamed and guilty that I have not watched it.
Home Alone 1 and 2 ONLY (3 was just dumb)
A game changer for the Christmas-movie category: it has action, like a zip line to the neighbors’ house. Of course I have seen both of these…I saw them in theaters (ya I am THAT old) and I watch them again and again every year because while “Kevin” is an obnoxious child I laugh at the hilarity of the robbers!
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Charlie Brown sets out to find the true meaning of Christmas in this animated anti-commercialism classic.
I am so ashamed.  I need to hang my head and not look people in the eyes.  I have not seen this movie.  I KNOW!!!!  What child hasn’t seen this movie!  I have seen parts of it, but never the whole thing.  I apologize…I am going to watch it this year I PROMISE!
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
Decking the halls and other traditions are all colossal failures for the Griswold family — riotous because it hits close to home.
Of course I have seen this – it’s like my brothers favourite movie.  Everyone has that one person who wants Christmas to be perfect (me) and everyone has that one (or more) family member(s) who ruins it.  It hits home
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
This sixties stop-motion-animation movie is impossibly cute, right down to Sam the Snowman. This is what movie I think of when I think of Christmas Classics.  My dad and I would watch this movie together every year and he would sing Silver and Gold right along with Burl Ives.  Miss you dad!
It may star Will Ferrell as a dim-witted elf, but the movie’s payoff is old-fashioned, familiar, and welcome. I have seen the majority of this movie and possibly all of it, but I am not a WIll Ferrell fan so it’s possible I stopped watching or fell asleep because to me, he is not funny.
Frosty the Snowman
This holiday staple features one of the most memorably catchy Christmassy theme songs ever. Like Rudolph it is a classic that I grew up with and continued watching with my dad.  We loved it and always cursed the magician for making Sally cry!
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
 It’s rather hard to say who’s the real star of this funny live-action version: is it Jim Carrey or Dr. Seuss?I have seen both the 30 minute cartoon and the 2 hour Jim Carrey version.  Loved them both and I will watch them every year!
A Christmas Story
This comedy satisfies two sets of audiences: kids (Ralphie gets his BB gun) and parents (it does exactly what they warned him it would). Watched it, love it, want the lamp!  When Santa kicks Raphie down the slide I always cringe thinking Santa is SO mean!!
Miracle on 34th street
Uplifting without being cloying. It’s no wonder that this movie is a much-beloved holiday chestnut. Again, I have not seen this and I don’t know why.  There is the black and white version and the 1990’s remake and neither of these have graced my television screen.
The Santa Claus
Tim Allen deconstructs Saint Nick — and reconstructs his waistline — as a hapless Santa in training. No I have not watched this and nor do I plan on.  Like Will Farrell I am not a Tim Allen fan either!
White Christmas
The follow-up to Holiday Inn is once again full of Irving Berlin tunes, with Bing Crosby providing the vocals. What’s not to love? Shockingly my love of Christmas movies is only enhanced with my love of Christmas music…and yet I have not seen this…hmmmmm
A Christmas Carol
 George C. Scott plays Scrooge in this classic made-for-TV version of the Charles Dickens holiday tale. This is NOT the version I have watched every year for the past 20 years…I have watched the black and white version every Christmas eve since forever with Alaster Sim.  Any other version just won’t do.
Holiday Inn
 Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire celebrate a year’s worth of holidays, against a steady flow of Irving Berlin tunes. I have never even heard of this movie until today so nope – not on my list either
 The Bill Murray renaissance began with his turn as ultimate crank Frank Cross. A Solid Gold Dancers cameo helps get the lesson across. I have not come across this movie in my repertoire so maybe this year or next year it will be time??
The Muppet Christmas Carol
 The Muppet adaptation of the classic story is fun, sweet, and definitely appropriate for the whole family. My first date ever was when I was 12 and a boy took me to the Muppets Christmas Carol because we were to young to see anything else without adult supervision…crazy right!
Christmas in Connecticut
 A war hero has Christmas dinner with the Martha Stewart-esque Barbara Stanwyck (who actually can’t cook) in this holiday farce. Never heard of it, never seen it, never care to.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
 Tim Burton and Henry Selicks enchanting tale has all the familiar, er, bones of a holiday classic — love, redemption, and Santa. Nope, again I know people will be shocked – it’s great, amazing blah blah blah…but I have NEVER seen it.  Maybe one day, when I have kids…but for now I am good!
Bad Santa
 Full of expletives and sexual innuendos, Bad Santa upends the feel-good tradition of holiday movies — and it was about time. Remember how I feel about Will Farrell and Tim Allen, you can add Billy Bob onto that list except add that is annoying and not that great of an actor.  He actually angers me when I see him on the television so no, I have not seen this movie nor do I ever intend on.
So that’s it folks…a long list of Christmas movies that I have seen, that I want to see and that Hell would have to freeze over before I gave up two hours of my time to see.  What is your favourite Christmas movie?  ***if I have offended you and your fav movie is Bad Santa, I respect your choice to choose, but really?!!
Love Nicole

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