That is my age.  34.  I am not where I thought (knew) I’d be at 34, but honestly, who cares anymore?  I am where I am.  I haven’t celebrated my birthday, other than a dinner or two, in years because getting older wasn’t something I cared about.  This year though, this year, I celebrated. I got over myself and allowed people to make me feel special!

I decided I wanted to go out and have a party.  I have a large group of friends that don’t know each other so having a party seemed to be the only way to see all of my friends at one time.

I posted the invite back in early December to Facebook because of course there is no other quick way to talk to all of my friends at once and immediately started seeing acceptances and RSVP’s.  I was happy!  I called the Jukebox Live in Pickering to reserve a booth so my friends would have a place to sit and drink if they didn’t want to dance and quickly informed my friends of the date and time!

I used to think I wouldn’t see all my friends in one place except at my wedding (which didn’t happen) or maybe a baby shower for the females (which hasn’t yet happened) so for so many of my loved ones to be in one place on MY birthday was just overwhelming.

My best friend, whom I haven’t really hung out with since I moved back in March, was going to spend the night with her boyfriend so I was even happier knowing I had more time with her then just the party.

My friends, who had come back from Cuba the day before, drove us there and at least I knew that four of my friends would be around to have fun with!  Slowly more and more strolled in until I had 21 of my closest friends surrounding me, dancing, drinking, talking, taking pictures and (hopefully) having fun!

The Jukebox is a place I have been to before. It’s in Pickering and is the closest thing to a “club” that Durham has.  It’s located right at Liverpool and Hwy 2 and has FREE parking (one thing I love about Durham is so much free parking)!  For me, it meant a quick cab ride home and a place where I could rest my feet, knowing full well I would not be in dancing shoes!  Our server Sonia was great (and busy) and the DJ played a pretty good mix of 90’s to current day top 40 so the dance floor was packed and with 21 people so was my booth!

The shots and drinks were flowing and I got some amazing news from one of my friends (that I cannot yet share on here) that just was the cherry on top of an amazing night!

Of course the next day my feet and head were pounding and sore, and having stayed up WAY past my bedtime, I was exhausted, but it was 100% worth it.  I felt so loved and supported, knowing my friends ARE my family.  As my blood line shrinks, my chosen few, keep me afloat, keep me smiling when all I want to do is cry and keep me laughing when all I want to do is scream.

Thank you friends, thank you for being there for me as I turned 34.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to make me feel so amazing and so loved!

I truly am blessed.




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