raccoon, possum ~ potato, patato

Remember when I wrote about my terrifying raccoon in my garbage can last week?  If you don’t, clearly you need to go back and catch up…it was quite the story.  Well, last night it was that time of the week, I needed to bring my trash and recycle bins to the curb and all was going well until I went to grab some cardboard boxes left over from my successful attempts at unpacking my basement. I reached down to grab the larger box (these boxes were right beside an empty garbage bin) and my face was {} this close to a furry pointy head staring back at me.

c8c0c64dd6a59ca7230d0dc87f18ed4f<——this was not my mystery animal

Screaming, I ran into the house and pulled out the number for Ajax Animal Control. The nicest lady (I can’t remember her name) called me back and said she’d be by me in an hour. 45 minutes later, I saw her pull up with her big city van. She walked into the garage and told me it was not in fact a raccoon, but it was a possum!

I started thinking quickly what a possum must look like and at first I thought it must be a cute little thing and how silly of me to be so scared.  The Animal Control lady told me that Possums can actually be quite vicious when scared or provoked – even worse than raccoons so it’s a good thing I called.  She tried capturing it but somehow it got loose and ran in my neighbours backyard.

After fleeing back into the house I peeked out the window and noticed she had gone with my neighbour out of my view so I stared aimlessly out the window until she returned – with the possum in her box – to release him (her?) back into the wild.

She apologized for the drama (of it escaping) and honestly at that point I didn’t care – he (she?) was out of my hair and out of my garage.  Unless invited nothing can live on my property unless it pays rent – taxes are high, I can’t afford to have random animals living in my garage!

It’s Spring, and while the weather may feel like a crisp cold winter day, the birds are back, the raccoons are scattering garbage from one end of my street to the other and now the possums have come out to play!  Spring is here.  Lord help me now.




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