100 items

i have heard quite a bit lately about de cluttering your life of 100 things.  Thinking to myself what does 100 things really mean?? How will it change my life in any meaningful way? Why would spring cleaning in the fall mean anything to me? I decided to give it a go.

My aunt Sharron, my fathers beloved cousin, and her amazing husband are coming over tomorrow for a visit to my house for the first time and I wanted it to look nice for them. It’s truthfully been along time since I’ve done a thorough cleaning of my home so I started in my bedroom and worked my way down the hall.

I have a double closet in my bedroom so what better place to start de cluttering.  I went through my tops and sweaters and then moved to the dresser and took all of my track pants that don’t fit and t-shirts that are to tight and put them into three separate categories

1. Clothes for my sister in law Tammy who is around my size but a bit smaller so all my tight stuff fits her well.

2. My mom is my size but smaller up top so any pants I have don’t work for her but my shirts do so she gets a lot from me too.

3. I have some things that no one in my family or friend group would want and that are not really in style anymore so those go to Goodwill in the hopes that someone who needs clothes is able to utilize them.

 As you can see (or count) I have managed to get rid of 39 items just from my closets

After cleaning up my bedroom, I headed into the bathroom and attacked it.  I loved my bathroom when I bought my house over a year ago now and it’s the one room I haven’t really touched – not even a new paint job.  Cleaning it up nicely reminded me of how much I love it.

 I went over to my closet next – yes I have a room that is a closet – and cleaned up there and then swept the hallway and used my swifter wets to get it nice and shiny. I thought that maybe I should look at my shoes and see which ones I honestly had no use for and found four out of the dozens I own and added them to my de clutter challenge.
 I am giving them all to Goodwill except one pair that my mom might like (bottom left).
After cleaning my kitchen and dining room and hallway and throwing out a ton of garbage that doesn’t count as clutter I looked in my room and found simba relaxing

 it’s been a hard day for him with all this cleaning.

I feel good. I feel less over crowded, less bogged down by stuff. I am not even half way through the challenge and I am already feeling better about what I do own. I am more appreciative. I have a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff that has no value to anyone.  The stuff I own is meaningless and so it will go. Happily it will go.

Take a few moments and think about every little thing you own..is there value in it.  Does it serve a purpose? Do you need it? If not – why not de clutter it…donate, give away, sell. Whatever you want to do…just purge!

Good luck…my challenge continues with books. I have hundreds of books I know I will never read again.  It’s time for someone else to enjoy them. I’ll keep you posted.