Bedroom furniture on Wayfair

I’m obsessing over this bed.  It’s on sale.  However what if the worst case scenario happens and I don’t get my child?  I refuse to jinx anything by buying anything before my proposal.  Even then I worry, but I will put all my faith out into the world and pray it’s okay.

Now this is not the color I will paint the room or anything, but I do want a dark wood or black bed (the child will be between 2-3 most likely) and I would like to not have to buy a crib AND a bed.  I may just borrow a crib from a friend if I absolutely need to for transitioning.

What do you think?  Mom’s – opinions please…


They’re bed will be up against a wall and I love that it has the rail to help keep them from rolling off.

Well…until next time



Part 1 – done

My home-study is officially complete.  My PRIDE classes and assigned homework is done.  My psych evaluation has been written up – and I am not crazy!  All of this is being sent to the ministry today.  OMG!  This is a major step forward in this long process and I couldn’t be happier.

My skin is actually tingling.  I am trying so hard not to get excited because I know I have a long way to go – that I am not even close to my dreams coming true – but I am CLOSER and that’s what matters.

I have been trying to come up with ways to save money and make money for this whole process.  Saving money isn’t actually the hard part – it’s the making money aspect that has been difficult.  There is only so much I have that I can sell.  A friend told me start a go-fund me page soliciting donations, but that doesn’t seem right to me.  This was my idea, my dream. I am hoping to find a way to get about $5000.00 extra by January (to help pay for my two week trip to Haiti + extra that i need after that date) and I think by selling some things and with the savings I may have about half.

I am reaching out to you my dear readers – I already work full time so a second job isn’t really going to work with my schedule, but what can I do to make money besides sell stuff I already have??  I am open to even the craziest of suggestions!

I am so grateful to y’all for your support.  I will let you know when my Ministry approval comes back!