Gilmore Girls revival

***Spoilers ahead***


Normally I would not review a TV show on this blog, that isn’t it’s purpose.  I created this blog to document my journey to motherhood and life with my little Koko.  However, as this journey has stalled and I will be waiting a while until anything happens I decided I needed to write about something mind-numbing, something fluffy, an opinion piece of sorts, so here I go.

Back in the spring of 2016, my girlfriend Alex and I decided that since Gilmore Girls was going to be bringing back the show for four episodes in November of 2016, we would re-watch the entire original series and then watch the new episodes together.

I had watched this series from beginning to end twice prior.  Once originally as they played on TV and once in 2010 when my ex and I were in the long process of breaking up and I needed to keep my mind occupied knowing disaster for us was looming.  Watching this series again, 6 years later was great!  I enjoyed every episode and couldn’t wait for the new episodes to finally play.  I had been #teamjess the entire series and Alex was #teamlogan.  Which one of us would see Rory with our chosen guy in the end?  We had high hopes!  We were both OGGF (original Gilmore Girl fans).  We didn’t just start watching, getting caught up in the hoopla – we WERE the hoopla!

Yesterday, Sunday November 27th, we got out the junk food and sat back for what was sure to be an amazing 6 hours of GG!

Except it wasn’t.  We watched episode 1 and we were bored.  Nothing happened.  We were reunited with a bunch of our favourite characters which was great, but we found out things that didn’t match with our feelings of what would have happened:

  1. Sookie left for six months to do some food thing or another (I can’t even remember because it was so boring) but she ended up being gone 2 years.  Sookie co-owns the inn.  I cannot believe for a second that she would uproot her three children to be gone for two years!  Her whole life was in Stars Hollow and for her to be gone for so long just seems ridiculous.
  2. Rory has a boyfriend Paul whom she has been dating for two years, but who is forgettable – literally.  Luke and Lorelei never remember having met him or any conversations they have had with him and Rory keeps forgetting that he is around and dates they have together!  Rory is also having an affair – with LOGAN *dammit Alexandra!*  Now we all know Rory has no problem having sex with another woman’s man – she did sleep with Dean when he was married to Lyndsey and she kissed Jess when she was dating Logan, but she is allowing the affair to continue fully knowing that Logan will not leave his fiancee for her.  It’s weird.  This relationship plays out through all four episodes (a full year) and seems so ridiculous. Don’t even get me started on the one night stand she has with a wookie in episode 2!
  3. Rory is unemployed.  She is in talks to write a book (biography) about some crazy drunk lady, but other than that she has no place to live, no regular paycheck!  When season 7 ended in 2008, Rory left to go write on the political campaign trail for BARACK OBAMA!  Remember that guy who became president of the United States of America??!!  It was never even mentioned – not once!  That became such a huge deal for original fans of the show because we know now that she would have had amazing experiences writing for the first black president!  For the writers to ignore that was a huge misstep.

We agreed that while episode one was boring, episode two would surely be better as all the main players had been re-introduced!

We were wrong again.  It was more of the same.  I guess we had high hopes.  We wanted these to be mini movies – full of drama or action or something!  But they were like regular, long boring TV episodes.  At this point we were extremely disappointed!  We had waited eight years – devoted months to re-watching the originals play out and the first three hours sucked!  Disappointment rang through her apartment as we ate our cookies, reese’s pieces and skittles.  Ordering a pizza would have to help right!?  I mean Rory and Lorelei ate a million pieces of pizza over the seven seasons together – we ordered Pizza Pizza and sat back to ENJOY episode three – summer.  This had to be good – it’s my favourite season after all!

It was better.  There was a better story line and the characters were stronger and things seemed to be happening!  However, Rory and Lorelei spent a lot of time at this pool that Stars Hollow never had before and there was a really weird, awkward musical moment that ran on about five minutes to long!  It was very artsy. Very flowery. It was fine though.  I accepted it because I was glad the story line was starting to get good – of course with only one season left they didn’t allow themselves much time to wrap up this good story line. Emotions were coming out – relationships were building – but where was Sookie?  Where was Dean, we were promised Dean!  Of course I was thrilled because Jess was back and he was supporting and encouraging Rory despite her stress!  I love Jess…he’s so damn handsome – can we go back to that??!!

No, okay lets move on.

We excitedly started episode 4 – FALL.  This was it – 4.5 hours in and we weren’t happy – would we be by the end of this episode?

We felt okay.  Why?  Because it left room for Rory to have a spin off show OR for more revival episodes. Luke and Lorelei FINALLY tied the knot and Rory FINALLY became a writer – not a journalist, but a real writer.  She wrote – Gilmore Girls, the story of her life and her moms life.  Great idea – Jess gave it to her which makes it even better!  In the end, the original writer ended it the way she would have ended the series all those years ago if she had been given the chance:

Rory: Mom

Lorelei: ya

Rory: I’m pregnant

Lorelei: shocked expression – cue the credits!

That’s it!  It’s over.  Who’s the daddy?  Logan (Alex hopes), Paul (the weird random boyfriend who dumped her via text in the final episode and you only saw once) or the Wookie (who she had a one night stand with in Spring – actually that’s impossible cause she would be very pregnant by the end of fall). So it’s Logan’s or Paul’s.  Huh.  Kind of uninteresting since there are no current plans for a spin-off or revival.

Four episode, 6 hours, 18200 calories later and Alex and I were left feeling empty, devoid of any real feeling.  We didn’t hate it, we just didn’t love it.  I teared up once in the final episode where Lorelei reflects on her favourite memory of her father on the phone to Emily and it was dramatic and really pulled on my heart strings, missing my own father so much.

So that’s it.  I’m not happy.  I’m not fulfilled.  I don’t feel like waiting 8 years for these four episodes was really worth it.  I want more.  I wanted more depth, more relationships, more power and strength and I just didn’t get it.

What did you think?  Let me know…

I’m going back to writing about babies…

Love Nicole


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