40 thoughts while datingĀ 

I went on a first date last night, the first in a long time!  Here are some of my favourite thoughts throughout the evening. 

  1. Why did I get bangs, these things looks ridiculous. 
  2. My make-up is making me look like a Clown. Why is my face so red. Foundation!!!!
  3. Okay I look so cute. Ryan is gonna fall in love with me! 
  4. Shit what is on my blouse!? Water…thank you Jesus. 
  5. Okay it’s 5:00, time to go. I’m gonna puke. Hold on. Okay no I’m not. 
  6. ‘Oh the weather outside is frightful’
  7. I’m here…is he here?  Is that him?  No he’s like 15. I’m going inside. 
  8. Holy fuck is that him! I’m going home…(I saw a guy with super tight jeans and fluorescent shoes…it wasn’t him)
  9. He’s late…what if he doesn’t show up?  Am I being ditched!!! First date in years and he isn’t coming!!!!
  10. Oh no he’s just five minutes behind. Okay phew!  
  11. Damn okay he’s cute! Eeeeee! 
  12. I hope I don’t kill myself bowling
  13. Why are my fingers so fat!?  This damn ball is gonna get stuck and I will die of embarrassment! 
  14. Is he staring at my ass?  What choice does he have – why are we bowling!?!?  
  15. Okay I threw a gutter ball – kill me now. 
  16. Oh he didn’t bowl any better – I might be okay
  17. Help! What do I say, he’s nice and friendly and I’m freaking out cause I can’t think of something to say!
  18. High five he got a strike – we are talking thank you god. We are okay. 
  19. He won!  Didn’t even let me win!?  Good…I’d be so pissed if he let me win
  20. I got a strike! Woohoo took a game and a half but I finally got a strike. 
  21. He beat me again!!  I hope he wants to play another game!
  22. Game three woohoo!!  Maybe he’s having a good time!?  I am!  Conversation is flowing and I’m smiling. This is a good night. 
  23. He beat me again!  Ass. 
  24. Date isn’t over – we are having drinks!  Yes!!! 
  25. I can’t stop smiling!! 
  26. Do I smell?  He’s sitting so close to me but I was hot while bowling!?  God please don’t let me be smelly. 
  27. He wants to go somewhere else to watch the game!  Yes sir!!
  28. Why can’t I text and drive. My girls will want to know how this date is going!! Especially since it’s going well!! 
  29. I want wings…can I eat wings on a date
  30. Fuck it I’m not that fancy I’m getting wings. 
  31. So is he! Yes match made in heaven!!
  32. It’s loud in here. Not good. I can’t hear him. 
  33. Oh I can get closer to him this way cause we need to be close to hear each other
  34. TFC is going to lose this game. Dammit
  35. Let me put my arm through his. See if he responds. 
  36. This feels nice. 
  37. I have soft skin?  Is he nuts – it’s so dry. I hate winter. 
  38. Is he gonna kiss me tonight?  I hope he kisses me. This has been fun. 
  39. He kissed me!!! Yes!  
  40. See ya later alligator.  There will be a second date!  Dating is fun!!

Love Nicole