Reality is setting in

Last week I got the email/call I have waited for.  I have waited a year – over a year for this news…

It’s probably not as exciting as you think…

I am officially in IBESR – which is the governing body in Haiti (like our social services) that handles all adoptions.  I have a file number!!!  This means that Haiti officially knows I exist!

I am still months and months away from referral (possible a year or more), but I am an optimist, not a realist so I constantly refresh my email thinking who knows – maybe I’ll be special, maybe I’ll get lucky and my referral for a match will come quicker than anyone else.  In the back of my head and in my heart – I know this is not the case.  I know I most likely will be sitting here a year from now blogging to you, my faithful followers, complaining about how I have waited over a year for a referral and that my faith is crumbling, but right now – so early in the process – my faith is high.

I do not know who this sweet little child is yet.  I don’t know if they are a boy or a girl. I don’t know their age or personality or family history – but I know they are there.  I know MY child is in Haiti and that they are eagerly waiting for me too.

Now I just need to stay calm.  I need to control my excitement.  I need to breathe.  I need to prepare – financially, emotionally, physically etc etc etc.

I also need to have the best summer that keeps me busy and makes me have these amazing memories to look back on because the wait may just kill me.

Please say a prayer for me and my family.





2 thoughts on “Reality is setting in

  1. Thrilled for you at this sign of progress. Of course I will say a prayer for you and your boy or girl in Haiti! I still think you would be an awesome role model for a little girl! Sending hugs too!

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