Putting my money where my mouth is

Or something like that…

Yesterday I shared a list of things I want to declutter from my home!  I went home and thought about this list and it seemed a bit exhausting to be honest.  I was gonna scrap the whole thing, but then I remembered “Nicole your desire is to be LESS lazy”.  You can do this!


And so I did.  I started with my earrings because I have two earring holders and a ton of earrings that sit there because I never wear earrings.

I grabbed them all and put them in a case and then went painstakingly through every single pair.  In total, I threw out 29 pairs that were old, tacky or just really unappealing.  I found 15 pairs that I had never even worn!  I am trying to sell those because really they are nice and someone else should benefit from them!  I kept 5 pairs in total because they are from Pandora or really cute and I can see myself wearing these if I ever have a reason to dress up again.

Here is a small sample of the ones I am selling.


After I completed this task, I felt so good that I went under my sink and grabbed my box with all my makeup in it and  threw out all my old makeup!!!


It may look like I still have a lot, but trust me – this box had a LOT more in it.  I threw out a ton!  I threw out 4 old eye shadow pallets, 2 lipsticks, 2 blushes, 2 mascara tubes and I gave my mom a lovely green eye shadow pallet that will go so nice with her hair colour!

It’s all about baby steps right??

This is just the beginning…stay tuned for more

Love Nicole


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