Decluttering Day 2

How good am I?!  That New Years resolution for 2018 I am starting early – don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today!

I decided to declutter two more things.  Coffee mugs and Grocery bags!

When my dad passed away I took a few of his coffee mugs, but I also bought a new plate, bowl and mug set when I bought my house that came with 8 mugs so I had about 28 mugs in total.  I only use 6-8 on the regular.  With the idea that I could have my whole family over at some point I decided keeping 12 would be a good number so I started on my top shelf (which I can’t even reach so anything up there NEVER gets used) and work my way down.  I cleared away 16 mugs with not even a second glance including each and every mug from that plate, bowl and mug combo.  They all match, but I don’t love them enough to keep them. I am going to donate them all to Horizon House, a shelter for abused women and their children in Ajax (


Next, I decided to tackle my plastic grocery bags (I know shame on me, who uses plastic bags?!!) If you are like me, you grew up with a drawer in your home dedicated to folded plastic grocery bags that you re-used for garbage bags.  Well this is what I still do.  I re-use them.  I don’t have a drawer though because my kitchen doesn’t have a lot of storage space.  Instead I have the dogs cupboard where I squish my plastic bags.  I had about 20 I am guessing??  Maybe more?  They were a disaster.  Some were neatly folded (thanks mom) and some where squished in a ball and thrown in (thanks me).  I realized that by throwing these out I would be creating a lot of garbage and I didn’t want to do that.  I use these bags for garbage or when I am bringing something to someone so I decided to toss them all in one bag and just clean it up.  I also made a vow that for the rest of December I will NOT get plastic bags from any store.  I will bring my own re-usable bags (which I have plenty of) and will try to continue this for January too – until my bag of plastic bags has diminished.


Overall I am really happy with how this decluttering is making me feel.  Of course my mom is terrified that I am desperate for money (because I am trying to sell some things) and that I am going to lose my house (I’m not – not even close). I explained to her that sometimes, in order to clear your head you need to clear your home and that getting rid of my trash, doesn’t mean it isn’t a treasure to someone else!  She seemed to understand.

Stay tuned for whats next!

Love Nicole


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