September is coming


Today is August 20th!!  which means in 11 days, August is over, done, finished, not to be seen again for 11 more months.  However, with the loss of August, we get September, which is one of my favorite months!  Not only does it bring about birthday season (easily 70-80% of friends celebrate their birthdays between September and December), but other things I love too like warm days and cool nights, apple picking, and the new thing I am looking forward to – Crop and Create Cornwall!  Last March I went to the C&C Markham and had so much fun, I knew I would be doing it again once September rolled around – though this time I’d be getting scrappy in Cornwall ON, much farther away from home.

September is a pretty busy month for me, though I am not complaining, because October I am having that damn dreaded surgery AGAIN and I plan on enjoying and not wasting ONE single September day.

Some of the girls I work with have invited me to join their annual CNE trip after work, so on September 2nd, I will be at the Canadian National Exhibition with some of the funniest, sweetest women I know stuffing my face full of yummy treats and trying to win myself a prize at one of the Midway games.  I haven’t been to the CNE in a few years and that was with my god-daughter so it wasn’t really grown up fun that I got to have!

The next day on the 3rd, my work bestie and I will be at the newest Cirque show to come to Toronto and will be amazed (I’m sure) by the stunts in Varekai!  Thankfully I am off on the 4th, because I can only imagine after two crazy nights with people I adore I will need a break.

I will be picking up Simba and heading to the cottage for a four-day long weekend since that Monday is also Labour Day!  It may be my last weekend at the cottage – at least to stay – because I have a lot of cleaning and stuff to complete before October 1st when I have my surgery and a few other events happening on weekends between Labour Day and Surgery Day.

The cottage will be great if the weather holds out for the long weekend and I am sure there will be events and activities to take part in as it’s the resorts last big weekend before the kiddies head back to school!  Kim and her family should be up hopefully so I will have lots of company with more shenanigans taking place!

After that, I have a series of birthdays – so I am assuming a lot of dinners will be happening.  On the 7th, Kim will celebrate her (29th?) birthday and Brendan will be (35).  I want to see and celebrate both of them at some point cause they are people who mean a lot to me!  My best friend Kristi who I never see anymore, but whom I think about EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. will turn 34 and no matter what or when, I will kiss and squeeze her on her special day!  My brother will be (42) on the 18th, so either the Keg or Makimono I am sure will be had and the family will get together to celebrate him.  a few days later on the 21st, my god son turns (11?) – i am horrible with ages, great with dates – and for sure I will spoil him rotten.  That next weekend is my C&C with Sarah, Kristin and the Rochester beauties and that will round out a pretty awesome month!

Because the first week is so jam packed with events and shows and cottage fun, I am going to do a “week in the life” project life style album at my C&C event with the one and only Becky Higgins whose class I am taking Friday night! I am hoping to have some really amazing pictures that remind me of closing out summer so I can remember when I am in 3 feet of snow and -20 degree temperatures, that better times are on the horizon!


Summer has been pretty great so far…but I have 11 days left to enjoy the beauty that August always brings…so I’m off to do just that, but driving up to my cottage tonight for another long weekend!


Love Nicole