Alfred Hitchcock has nothing on me

On Wednesday night, I picked up Simba from doggy day care as per usual and then rushed to the Scarborough home to pack some more boxes and make the trek to Ajax.  Moving all the boxes into the house wasn’t as difficult as moving them out as I don’t have screen doors on the house so I just left the big red door open and carried them in.

After moving six boxes back and forth I was exhausted and flaked out on my couch.  I turned on my new favourite show The Little Couple and that’s when it happened…

scratch scratch scratch…

uh oh.  MOUSE!  I ran into my kitchen where I heard the scratching and it sounded like it was coming from a large cupboard by my stove.  I quickly shoved boxes in front of it to keep the bastard in there and called my cousin shrieking.  He promised he’d come after dinner with traps.

I walked back to the couch trying to calm down when I saw these weird drops on my floor that looked like bird poop.  That’s weird.  I went to the white spots and saw a few more white spots…hmmmm…back over to the couch is when I saw it!  BIRD SHIT on my couch!  My NEW couch!

Simba was in the kitchen still trying to get at the “mouse” as I pondered how the hell a bird pooped in my house and did it bring in the damn mouse??  I walked over to Simba and noticed he was actually scratching at the space between the counter and stove…what a weird day this was…I mean was my dog not smart enough to know the mouse was in the cupboard…what did he want?  I got my flashlight and shined a light through the blank space to see what Simba wanted and staring back at me was a black bird who was stuck and scratching furiously!  I screamed, grabbed my dog and RAN out of the house just as the bird got free from his spot and flew into my window.  I called my cousin back in a panic and hopped in my car praying the bird would be smart and fly out the door.  He didn’t.  I watched him fly around my living room landing on my couch, fireplace and back into the kitchen!  CRAP!!!

My cousin arrived very quickly and teasing me and laughing at me (yes at me) he and his wife went in the house and shoo’d the bird out the back door.

Than you LORD.

Then I was left to clean the poop off the floor, couch, fireplace, kitchen window, sink and counters and curse the entire time.

I’m moving back to Scarborough…I don’t do BIRDS!




What goes bump in the night

Last night I did it – I moved to Ajax.

Simba and I were grateful to my friend Kim who brought over a single mattress for us to sleep on because otherwise I would have slept on the couch and I am not a fan of couch surfing. I like to nap on the couch as often as possible, but sleeping for a full 8 hours is not ideal.

The two of us tip-toed around the house all evening, getting used to our space, putting some things away (not a lot I won’t lie) while watching my PVR’d Big Brother Canada and waiting for Kim’s arrival. It was so great because she lives four minutes from my house so she was able to stay and chat for a while and this is what I miss. I miss having someone to talk to – verbally, not by text message. Actual conversation and Kim gave me what I have so craved for months now. I am so over text messaging to stay in touch with people, I want to speak to someone and sit with them for a while. Soon I will be able to offer people a glass of wine or pop or coffee when they come by!

When she left, I gathered some bathroom supplies to put away and hung up my shower curtain. I am convinced the people who lived here prior were giants. I didn’t clue in before but everything is high. The bar – high, the doorhandles – high, the shower curtain – I had to stand on the top to even come close to being able to reach it!!! I am 5’2 so I am used to struggling, but this was ridiculous!

I was looking forward to a hot shower and a hot shower I got! I could not get the water to cool down for the life of me. I turned all three of the knobs on the wall in the shower and none of them cooled it down. I was a nice pink colour from the water burning my skin, but at least I felt clean and satisfied enough to lie down and sleep.

Simba was not having it.

We lied down on the mattress and every creek, car passing by and outside noise he heard he growled. A low grrrrrrrr escaping his throat and no matter how many shoves I gave him he kept at it until I finally passed out way past 11:00. I only woke once, unable to contain my excitement of being in the new home, unable to fall back asleep right away, but finally I did, to awaken shortly after by the alarm clock.

This morning as I prepared for work I smiled to myself knowing that soon everything would be unpacked and put away and that I would be able to take my time getting ready in my house. My. House.

I really like those words.

Make these disappear

Make these disappear




My top 5 reasons I cannot wait to move!

There are so many emotions running through my Clomid filled body right now that I thought I would focus on some positive things…why I am EXCITED to move to the “town” of Ajax.

1. It’s a fresh start: ever since my ex and I broke up in 2010 I have made one mistake after another that has thrown me for a real loop.  Whether it be boyfriends or work or money or family related, my mistakes haunt me and I need a fresh place to begin what is the second half of my life – AD (after daddy).  Since his passing in July I have known that the Sedgemount home was no longer my home.  It was my home while he existed, my safe place to fall, now it doesn’t hold that same special place in my heart.  It’s unfortunate but true.

2. It’s in AJAX:  I have wanted to move out to Durham for as long as I can remember – actually probably since my friend Lyndsey moved out there after 8th grade.  Slowly but surely a large majority of my friends have found there way east of Scarborough and I look forward to joining them.  I completed a lot of my teacher preparation out there including one placement and a few years of volunteering, positive that I myself would end up living out there as soon as the time was right…it’s right

3. Half of my friends live near my new home: I spend so much time thinking about my friends that live in Durham, sad that I don’t get to see them as often as I want to because the drive at night can be a pain…now, since I have to make that drive anyway, it won’t be as bad!  Especially because my friend Kim is about to have her second baby any day now!  I’ll hopefully get to spend more time with her little family watching her kids grow up!  Two of my friends from my old work location live in Durham and I never get to see them except the random night out for dinner  a couple of times a year.  Now that we are all living in the same town we can spend more time together!  YAY!  I also have one cousin who lives five minutes from my home with his wife and even though we haven’t been close in the past, I would relish the opportunity to become close, to be friends AND family.

4. Decorating: I am a pinterest fanatic (thank you Sarah) and even though this house has been redone and doesn’t need a lot of work – decorating is always a must and I can’t wait to start to make it mine!  I want it to be modern, but very personal.  I will attack one room at a time and when I am done I can look back and go – yep, this is MY house!

5. My dad would want this house for me:  when I stepped in this house I knew.  My dad would have loved it.  He would have wanted to live in it, and he would be so happy for me that his sacrifices allowed me to get a house I so thoroughly love.  I believe he’s looking down, smiling at me, happy for me, proud of me and I can’t wait to sit on my couch and feel his presence around me as I watch TV in my new living room!

What was your favourite part of house hunting or moving??  Let me know…




Moving to Suberbia

I am a city girl, a very proud city girl.  

As of March 12th, 2014 I am moving to a TOWN! 


I got the house!  I am a home owner!  It’s final.  I have given my deposit and on March 12th I take ownership of a beautiful bungalow in the TOWN of Ajax!  

Is it weird that I am giddy?  Like anxious, silly, giddy!  This is a move in ready house that has everything I wanted and more!  Its three bedrooms with two beautiful bathrooms, sports a large living/dining room with a square kitchen that looks out onto the dining area.  It has a huge backyard which I was NOT expecting and a garage with a driveway that can easily fit two more cars for guests which I was NOT expecting.  It is within a five-minute drive to a handful of friends and close to one of my cousins as well!  I am thrilled.  I can’t stop smiling, I want to jump up and down and move in NOW, but I need to keep my excitement at bay for a few more weeks! 

Luckily my friends and family are über excited for me and have been extremely patient and supportive while I go on and on and on and on and on about it!  

When I have moved in, I will show before and after pics, promise! For now I am trying to grasp the concept of living outside of Toronto, leaving my family home and eventually putting the building that holds my memories on the market for another family to own.  My father did not want us to keep this home forever, his dreams included me owning my own place and thanks to his working hard and making smart investments over the years, these dreams are a reality.  

But it’s not easy.  It’s not easy leaving your safe zone.  This is my home where I lived the first 19 years of my life and where I always came back to after school finished.  It’s where I took care of my dad when he was sick, where my nieces and nephew lived for a short time, when our house was filled with love and chaos!  It’s where I found out Tammy was pregnant with Kyle and where Tammy and I had a giggle fest for hours while she watched over me when my dad was on a date.  This home is where I laughed, it’s where I cried, it’s where I screamed and where I grew up.  Almost every memory I have links me back to Sedgemount. 

My neighbours aren’t just people who share my postal code, they share my life, they’ve watched me grow up, I’ve watched them have babies and grandbabies and pets and arguments and I have swam in their pools and watched their TV’s. These people will forever be my friends, long after they stop being my neighbours.  Leaving Sedgemount doesn’t just mean starting a new life, it means closing an extremely long and amazing chapter.  I first walked Simba down my sidewalk, the same sidewalk I learned how to ride a bike on and subsequently flew over my handle bars and scraped the crap out of my legs and hands and face.  This sidewalk has my initials on it (thankfully it’s been replaced lately so my blood is all but a distant memory), my nieces and nephew have played on this sidewalk, I slapped a lying ex in the face while standing on this sidewalk.  People knew that when they walked by my house they could raise their hand in greeting and my dad, sitting on the couch inside, would see it and raise his hand back (and ask me to figure out who the hell he waved hello too).  

Memories are a funny thing.  I don’t need the house to keep them.  They are ingrained in my heart and my mind.  They will only leave me when I either lose my mind or when the good Lord decides it’s my time to leave this place on earth.  The physical building will soon belong to someone else, but the ghosts of our past remain forever because the history has already been imprinted in the wood, in the brick and in the plaster that holds up the four walls.   

It’s hard to walk away from my past, but my future is so bright and I cannot wait to begin this new part, this part in a town called Ajax where my friends and my future are waiting! 




Houser rich, cash poor?

This is my dilemma.  Now that Christmas is (officially) over, I am starting to think seriously about my future home.  What will it look like?  How many rooms and bathrooms will it have?  Will it have all hardwood floors?  What about a basement?  Most importantly I am thinking, where will it be and how much will it cost me??????? 

My fathers’ favorite show a few years ago was a British show called Location, Location, Location.  It featured two agents who would take a couple (or single person) around England to find a home to buy.  It always came down to location (though having watched some of those episodes myself, the homes were small and cramped and SO expensive I would have moved to a different country)! 

I have two choices right now as I see it. 

Scarborough: Newer town homes on Mondeo Dr in the Birchmount and Ellesmere area, a bit pricey, but they have high maintenance fees because they are condo townhouses so I am NOT excited about that prospect.  However, they are beautiful, close to Simbas doggy day care, close to my work, close to so many of my friends and close to the highway.  Plus, once little Koko Bean finally makes an appearance, it’s quite close to my friend who will be my babysitter.  It is INCREDIBLY convenient.  

Pickering/Ajax: A newer freehold townhouse, that is not as pricey, but in my ideal city, good schools, lots of my friends with kids live nearby and for some reason I have always seen myself moving to Durham.  However, the commute to work will be an extra 30-45 minutes and it’s nowhere near my dog’s day care and nowhere near my babysitter. 

So what’s a girl to do?  Do I pay more money for a great home that is close by everything or do I move further out to save money and be in the neighborhood I’d prefer?? 

This is the kind of question I so desperately want to ask my dad.  He would tell me what to do.  He would guide me and advise me and in the end, I would choose his choice because I trust him.  Not that I don’t trust anyone else, but in reality, it’s his opinion that mattered most in my world.  He knew me like no one else and he ALWAYS had my best interests at heart.  Sadly, I can’t even imagine what he would say. My therapist always tells me to be real quiet and think about what he would say when I need his advice, to hear his words, but I can’t with this…I don’t know.

On one hand, he’d want me to go to Durham because he knows I love the Durham area and saving money is key, but on the other hand, he was one of convenience as well and he’d like me to be close to family (both my brother, mom and one aunt live in Scarborough). 

So what’s a girl to do?  I don’t know.  I truly don’t.  I can’t just go with my heart and I can’t just go with my head.  I am going to drive poor John my realtor nuts.  Thank God he’s also my good friend! 

Maybe I’ll flip a coin, my dad would shake his head in annoyance at that, but he’d know as well that making life changing and lifelong decisions isn’t my forte.