Unfriend Day


Yesterday was National Unfriend Day, who knew that such a thing existed!  Why on earth would you ever want to UNFRIEND someone??  Why would you friend somebody just to turn around and unfriend them??  I get that people you have broken up with or hurt you in some way, but to have a day dedicated to clearing out your Social Media contacts sounded so strange to me.

Until Friday.  Friday the world changed again.  Like September 11th, 2001, November 13th 2015 will forever be a day where the world mourns the loss of innocence.  There was another massive terror attack in France; maybe not as extreme or as close to home as September 11th, but a part of me felt broken and sad after the awful news started its way around the media.

I am on Facebook a lot, like a lot a lot!  The first day or two was how sad everyone was and of course pictures started to surface of the Eifle Tower and people (including me) changed their profile the colours of the French flag (Red White and Blue).  Slowly on Sunday and Monday I started noticing a change.  All of a sudden a few of my “friends” started posting the most hateful, cruel messages towards Muslims, Syrians etc. I quickly posted the most loving, positive  LOGICAL messages I could find to combat the yuckiness, trying my damnedest not to scream at the haters.  It didn’t matter.  A few more people started re-posting the racist remarks and I was just done.  Coincidentally on National Unfriend Day, I unfriended 6 people on purpose.

People are allowed to be scared, I am.

People are allowed to have their own opinion and post it on their pages throughout Social Media, I do.

However, I realize no one is forced to look at it or be bombarded by it.  I felt I was.

There were a couple of people whom I didn’t delete because of my relationship with them outside of Social Media, but I know, and have known, their opinions for years and I tolerate it and voice my opinion consistently on their attitude.

It’s sad that it has come to this.  I want to so much for the world to get along and care about one another, if I was a beauty contestant peace on earth would be my mantra, but I’m not and there isn’t this peace…there is evil and horror and I want the fear and hate to stay where it should – on those few people who have created it.

It’s okay if you don’t agree with me, that’s the joy of the media, the joy of MY country – Canada…we are allowed to agree to disagree and still have respect for each other.  I hope you will still respect me!

Love Nicole